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Skip Tracing Data, Scoring Models and Analytical Services For Debt Collection

Collection AdvantageSM

Make more profitable decisions. Get 24-7 access to a virtual 'tool box' of critical debt recovery information, including credit-based scoring, consumer contact data and analytical services - all in one seamless collections management system.

Collection AdvantageSM includes a variety of credit-based scoring models and multiple collection-specific attributes to help you identify which collection accounts have the greatest and least recovery potential.

Features and Benefits

  • The user controls expenditures by only selecting the data elements needed
  • Integration with our MetroNet® skip tracing service offers access to multiple phone databases, enhancing dialer productivity and right party contact
  • Summarizes credit and noncredit data, allowing collectors to make decisions immediately

Flexible and Customizable to Meet Your Unique Needs

  • Design effective collection strategies using a wide variety of credit-based scoring models, including industry-specific models
  • Available via Internet or batch delivery
  • Customize your data requirements with each file you submit for processing
  • Easy integration into your existing collection account management process

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