You want access to a big data platform without the big data headaches, right?

With Experian’s Ascend, we can empower your business to stay ahead of rapidly changing consumer behaviors, providing access to full-file, raw credit information and alternative data sources. And we can deliver this to you in real-time via self-service tools.

We get it. You need rich consumer insights, precise credit decisions, and faster access to the info. It’s possible.


Ready to Ascend

Ascend provides fast and easy access to near real-time consumer data and tools to process and analyze voluminous amounts of data. All of this can help you make decisions with greater accuracy, get to market faster, and increase revenue. Even more, the big data platform has industry-leading data security.


Ascend Product Suite


Analytical Sandbox

A hybrid-cloud platform with full file Experian credit data, client data and alternative consumer data for more than 220 million people. Analytical tools mine the rich layers of content in the sandbox to gain deep insights about consumers and businesses.

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Allows integration with Experian solutions through seamless, real-time web services, increases speed to market, and simplifies deployments across the enterprise. 

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Data Insights

Consumer and commercial credit data, Experian Premier Attributes, Vantage and FICO scores, Experian Extended View, Credit3D trended data, and other alternative data sources may be used to develop custom decisioning solutions.

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A real-time decisioning platform that integrates across the enterprise, and leverages analytics from the Sandbox directly into real-time and bulk-data production environments without additional coding.

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Ascend: Data on Demand


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