Direct access to the credit universe

Experian Analytical SandboxTM

The best part of the Analytical Sandbox is the opportunity. It can be a game-changer. The tool gives you fast, convenient, and direct access to big data analytics so you can make credit decisions at critical times.


Build what you want when you want to with speed decisioning

Experian Analytical Sandbox empowers you to win, serve, and retain valuable customers. You may:

  • Perform big data analytics your way with perpetual access to depersonalized structured data including monthly trade, inquiry, public record and trended data, as well as Experian attributes and scores
  • Gain new market insights and business intelligence through wallet share and benchmarking analyses
  • Validate and expand acquisition, risk and marketing strategies
  • Assess and prospect more effectively through faster, more insightful big data analytics
  • Develop superior account-management strategies

Accelerate Time to Market

Accessing big data analytics to make strategic decisions is 30% faster using Experian Analytical Sandbox versus traditional archive services.

Analytical Sandbox Improves Speed to Market


  • Historical Full-file and 10 percent national samples available
  • Approximately 12 years of monthly history
  • Consumer opt-outs for true market view
  • Tradeline data
  • Experian-exclusive models, scores and attributes
  • VantageScore®
  • Anonymization service to link your data with Experian data
  • Encrypted keys to ensure no identifying information is accessible
  • Scalable for growth

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