Turning Big Data Analytics into Actionable Insights

Experian’s Analytical Sandbox is a best-in-class data analytics environment built on Experian’s Ascend big data platform. Turn big data analytics into actionable market opportunities with immediate access to Experian’s 17+ years of archived credit data, with unmatched security, scalability and flexibility.


Enterprise-Wide Impact

From Risk and Collections to Prospecting and Acquisition Strategy, Sandbox delivers value across your entire organization.

The Most Robust Data

17+ years of monthly tradeline data, plus 32+ Experian scores and attributes, all at a 99.9% data accuracy rate.

Leading Edge Tech

Scalable processing with the security and redundancy of industry-leading cloud service platforms, all combined with industry standard analytics tools.

Experian’s Sandbox: Direct Access to the Credit Universe

Ascend: Data on Demand


Investing in digital transformation

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How Does Technology Improve Big Data Decisions?

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Getting Beyond the Binary to Solve the Business Problem of Big Data

If your company is like many financial institutions, it’s likely the discussion around big data and financial analytics has been an ongoing conversation. For many financial institutions, data isn’t the problem, but rather what could or should be done with it.....Read More


Is Big Data a Big Problem?

Big Data is no longer a new concept. Once thought to be an overhyped buzzword, it now underpins and drives billions in dollars of revenue across nearly every industry. But there are still companies who are not fully leveraging the value of their big data and that’s a big problem...Read More

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