Tech & Innovation

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At Experian, we are continually innovating and using technology to find solutions to global issues, modernize the financial services industry and increase financial access for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

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Our deep commitment to social and financial inclusion is reflected in our workplace culture, our partnerships and our efforts to break down the barriers to financial equity.

Financial Health

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Our partnerships and initiatives are dedicated to getting the proper tools, resources and information to underserved communities so that consumers can best understand and improve their financial health.

Latest Posts:

Using Data, Creative Thinking and Critical Analysis to Accelerate Innovation

Experian’s culture of innovation continues to be a remarkable differentiator for our people, products and solutions. Our innovation is driven by the confluence of…

Mar 02,2023 by Patty Guevarra

First Tier Tribunal substantially overturns ICO Enforcement Notice

Today’s decision by the First Tier Tribunal substantially overturns the ICO’s Enforcement Notice issued against Experian in 2020. It represents a welcome development for…

Feb 20,2023 by Jose Luiz Rossi

Experian Health Gives Providers an “Advantage” in Addressing Claims Denials

Healthcare providers are struggling to address the high volume of insurance claims denials. It’s one of the top contributors to wasted dollars to the…

Feb 15,2023 by Patty Guevarra

Experian Launches 2023 Future of Fraud Forecast

Today we released our annual Future of Fraud Forecast to help consumers and businesses stay one step ahead of emerging fraud trends and scams….

Jan 26,2023 by Patty Guevarra

Innovating and Evolving with the Automotive Industry to Better Serve Consumers

When people think about the automotive industry, data probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But make no mistake: data is one…

Jan 26,2023 by Patty Guevarra

Experian Honors Martin Luther King, Jr. with Region-wide Day of Service

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke often about “the beloved community.” To be of service to all and unite us in the act of…

Jan 16,2023 by Patty Guevarra

Experian and Actress-Singer Coco Jones Launch “In My Bag” Financial Health Video Series

There are topics that can be hard to talk about in general conversation. Money and how best to achieve financial health shouldn’t be one…

Dec 14,2022 by Patty Guevarra

Serasa Experian Helps Millions of Brazilians Manage Debt through its 2022 “Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome”

In a country with more than 68 million people in default, equivalent to a third of the total population, Serasa is holding the biggest…

Dec 12,2022 by Patty Guevarra

Experian North America Honored with Top Workplace Award for 10th Consecutive Year

We’re thrilled to announce that Experian North America has been recognized as a Top Workplace by the Orange County Register for the 10th consecutive year,…

Dec 09,2022 by Editor