Financial Accessibility: Increasing Credit Literacy and Tips to Help Improve Scores

Financial Access

Join our #CreditChat on Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitter, and Snapchat every Wednesday at 3 p.m ET. This week, we talked about ways to spread credit literacy and tips to help improve scores.

The panel included: LendUpRod Griffin: Director of Public Education at Experian; and Christina Roman: Social Media Specialist at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: Why is it important to know and pay attention to your credit score?
  • Q2: What does it mean to have a subprime credit score?
  • Q3: How does a poor credit score impact your financial future?
  • Q4: Other than poor planning or mismanagement of your finances, what are some other reasons someone might find themselves dealing with unmanageable debt and poor credit?
  • Q5: What should you do if you discover that your credit score falls in the subprime category?
  • Q6: What financial options are available for someone with subprime credit?
  • Q7: How can someone with a poor credit score begin to rebuild?
  • Q8: A recent study with LendUp highlighted the impact of reporting alternative credit data in a subprime borrower’s file. Do you think it had a positive or negative impact?
  • Q9: What are common misconceptions about credit scores that can keep people in the red?
  • Q10: Where can someone turn if they feel overwhelmed by their debt or their credit?
  • Q11: Any final tips for someone with a subprime credit score?


If you’ve never heard about #CreditChat, here is a brief overview:

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