How to Pay Down Credit Card Debt Faster

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This week, we had a chance to chat on Twitter with Jeanne Kelly and Go Girl Finance about ways to pay down credit card debt faster.

We also had a Google+ on air video chat with: Beverly Harzog – Credit Card Expert & Author of Confession of a Credit Junkie, Todd Christensen, Director of Education at the National Financial Education CenterClaire Murdough – Writer & Podcaster at ReadyForZero,  Rod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

Questions we discussed:

Q1: What are the pros/cons of using credit cards?
Q2: Should everyone have a credit card? Why or why not?
Q3: Why is it easy to fall into credit card debt?
Q4: What precautions can we take to avoid swiping the CC when it will lead to debt?
Q5: How do you decide on what credit cards to focus on paying off first?
Q6: What are ways to stay disciplined in paying down CC debt? Any tools or tips?
Q7: What do you think about transferring CC debt to another card or loan?
Q8: What types of credit card penalties and fees should consumers be aware of?
Q9: Any final tips for those that want to pay off credit card debt faster?


Check out the complete tweetchat here:

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