Our top five 2023 AdTech blog posts

Published: December 15, 2023 by Experian Marketing Services

2023 wrap-up: Our most popular blog posts

2023 has been an unprecedented year for AdTech. With new challenges arising every day — from ongoing signal loss to changing consumer privacy regulations– staying on top of trends is more important than ever before.

To help you stay informed on successful tactics from across our ecosystem we’ve compiled a list of our top five 2023 AdTech blog posts. Keep reading to learn about the top themes from CES and Cannes this year, why contextual targeting is so popular, and more – so you can remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

#5 CES 2023: Clean rooms, activation, and more

Experian attended CES in January to kick off the AdTech year, connecting with partners, clients, and industry leaders to understand their challenges and goals. Discussions were focused on clean rooms and digital activation to address data deprecation and consumer privacy.

Clean rooms have the potential to standardize data and address interoperability issues.

Digital activation was predicted to increase significantly in 2023, with more focus on demand-side, video, and supply-side platforms. Did digital activation increase in 2023? Download our 2024 Digital audience trends and predictions report to find out. 

Read our full 2023 CES recap here.

Meet with the Experian team at CES 2024

CES is around the corner, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with you in our suite at the Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, January 9-12.  

There is no better place to connect and discuss the latest industry trends and innovations.Let’s start the conversation!

#4 Experian identity resolution now available in AWS Clean Rooms

Earlier this year, Experian announced that our identity resolution solution is now available in AWS Clean Rooms. Through this new partnership, customers can pair Experian’s identity capabilities with AWS Clean Rooms to safely collaborate and access deeper insights without exposing sensitive data.

Check out the full announcement to hear from Kalyani Koppisetti, Principal Partner Solution Architect at AWS, Matt Miller, Business Development Principal at AWS, and Tyler Middleton, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Experian.

#3 Four key themes from Cannes Lions 2023

At Cannes Lions 2023, discussions revolved around four main themes

  1. Signal loss: Experts discussed the importance of adapting paid media strategies to align with consumer behaviors.
  1. Collaboration: Discussions highlighted the need for industry players to collaborate and focus on solutions that benefit all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
  1. Personalization: This was a key topic and emphasized the growing significance of tailored content, data-driven insights, and first-party data solutions for advertisers adapting to cookie deprecation and the evolving consumer privacy landscape.
  1. Balancing AI and creativity: Attendees explored how to balance AI capabilities and nurture creativity while maintaining a human touch.

Cannes 2024 will be here before we know it and Experian will be there. To get ready, check out this post by Tyler Middleton, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, to hear from a first-time Cannes attendee,

#2 Three key insights from our 2023 Holiday spending report

Experian’s annual Holiday spending trends and insights report analyzed recent trends, consumer spending habits, and anticipated what was to come in the 2023 holiday shopping season. This blog post covered three key insights from our report:

  1. Consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier, particularly with online sales.
  1. Online sales have been increasing year-over-year, surpassing in-store sales.
  1. Spending during the 2022 holiday season was lower than in previous years but is expected to be on par with what was seen in 2023.

For advice from our experts and access to all of our predictions for this year’s holiday shopping season, download our 2023 Holiday spending trends and insights report today. 

#1 How contextual ad targeting addresses signal loss

Our most viewed blog post of 2023 was How contextual ad targeting addresses signal loss. Marketers are seeking new solutions due to signal loss caused by the phasing out of third-party cookies. Contextual ad targeting offers a way to combine contextual signals with machine learning for more accurate targeting. 

Experian’s Jason Andersen and Yieldmo’s Alex Johnston discuss the challenges of signal loss, addressability, the importance of good creative, and tips for digital ad success in this blog post. By understanding contextual advertising, marketers can create powerful and effective campaigns to reach target audiences.

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