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Business Profile Report

From determining contractor responsibility to evaluating businesses for loans and grants, the best decisions begin with the best information. Experian’s Business Profile Report highlights business payment performance, public record history and background information so you can better assess the credit risk and financial responsibility of a business or a contractor.

Evaluate Risk at a Glance

A Business Profile Report presents an ongoing, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations. An easy-to-read report provides the details needed to make important lending, grant eligibility and contractor responsibility determinations:

Key Factors :

  • Primary name, variations and addresses
  • Years in business, number of employees and annual revenue
  • Corporate registration and contact information
  • Key personnel
  • Credit summary and in-depth credit history
  • Detailed financial payment trends
  • Predicted payment behavior
  • Banking, insurance and leasing information
  • Uniform Commercial Code filing information
  • Bankruptcy, judgment and tax lien filings
  • Credit inquiries in the past nine months
  • Financial information on publicly traded companies

Advanced Features Through Experian’s Market-Leading Tools

Business Profile Report draws from an integrated source of business intelligence and commercial credit information to enhance your agency’s decisions:

  • Intelliscore PlusSM – Experian’s credit risk score, optional with all requests
  • Corporate Linkage – Detail to help assess a business’s overall risk and structure
  • Business Owner Profile – Provides insight into a small-business owner’s personal finances (optional with all requests)
  • Key Data – Including trade, public record, collection and background information
  • Data returned from BizSourceSM – Experian’s industry-leading commercial database

Data Integrity

The data that builds Experian’s business reports is of the highest integrity. As with all Experian business products, all data is third-party-sourced to ensure that the information is accurate and unbiased. Experian® does not accept self-reported data. Make better decisions and help your agency achieve its mission with insight from Experian’s Business Profile Report.

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