Millennial Financial Outlook: A generation ripe with investment opportunity

Millennial Financial StatementViewed as a whole, Millennials are in a state of flux. They are the most ethnically and culturally diverse generation in US history, and are redefining what it means to be multicultural in US popular culture. At the same time, they are experiencing many life changes; graduating from high school, graduating from college, starting a career, getting married, buying homes, becoming parents—the list goes on. With each of these changes come new financial considerations. As such, Millennials are regularly changing their financial goals, attitudes and needs—and marketers should take note. Each of these life events provides marketers with opportunities to engage this influential young generation and plant the seed for a long-lasting relationship. 

This report dives into the trends, habits and attitudes of Millennial consumers regarding their personal finances. Highlights include:

  • Demographic trends compared with other US generations
  • Attitudes towards career, personal finance and life transitions
  • Trends regarding financial tools, products and investments owned
  • Mobile banking behavior
  • Segmentation between Millennials with a college degree and those without a degree

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