Vision 2014: The new world of commercial lending

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In the early 1970’s a brilliant engineer/inventor/music lover designed a credit card sized electronic music player.  Early prototypes and models of this small music player received the accolades of “the most radical music system ever” from the audio industry.  Many of you may think I am talking about Steve Jobs – well I am not. […]


Vision 2014: Customer acquisitions in a changing digital landscape

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4000! Consumers view over 4000 ads per day. As a result they are overwhelmed with information and opt not to see what could be waiting for them. The best way to grab the consumer’s attention and CLOSE the sale is to target them with content directly related to their interests. This is not an easy task, but Experian can help lenders stay above the noise and drive relevant traffic to their websites. We can turn a site visit into a credit qualified lead and ultimately a high-quality booked account – cutting through the “junk” that drags down your portfolio’s performance.


Experian and Formula 1 Racing – It’s all about the DATA

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The amount of data being generated nowadays is staggering. In fact, according to one source, more data has been produced in the past two years than ever before. Certainly Experian has made it our business to understand all of this data and how to harness it.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to consider the impact of data in Formula 1 Racing, the most prestigious and high-tech racing series on the planet. Experian is a sponsor of Williams Martini Racing, which is one of the “big four” teams in the sport and has produced 16 Formula One World Championship titles.


Big cities, big debt? [Infographic]

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Debt is often thought of as a scary word and many spend their lives trying to avoid it at all costs. Understanding what credit is, why you need it and how to build it can help make it less frightening and can actually put you in control. Debt doesn’t have to be a four-letter word.

To wrap up Financial Literacy Month, Experian released a study this week that takes an in depth look at debt and credit scores in the 20 largest cities across the U.S. and compares the numbers to where these cities were four years ago. The findings show that Detroit residents have the least amount of debt, while the residents of Dallas have the most.


Are you concerned your child is a fraud victim? [Infographic]

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Did you know children are increasingly vulnerable to being a victim of identity theft? Their clean credit history is an easy target for perpetrators. Thieves often can profit for years before the crime is detected.

In general, minors should not have credit activity or a credit report until they apply for loans or a credit card. That said, it is possible that they may have a credit history if you have added them as an authorized user to your credit accounts during their teen years.


2013 Experian credit data shows continued consumer resilience during recovery

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Experian-Oliver Wyman data reports a 46 percent increase in home equity lending; 19 percent increase in bankcard origination volume Costa Mesa, Calif., April 30, 2014 — Experian®, the leading global information services company, today released year-end analysis of credit and mortgage trends from the 2013 Q4 Experian–Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report that showed positive economic indicators […]


Vision 2014: Quality Growth – Defining New Strategies

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Experian is in final preparations for our upcoming Vision Conference, taking place May 4-7 in Dallas, Texas at the OMNI Hotel.

This year’s theme “Quality Growth – Defining New Strategies” is supported consistently throughout our event agenda starting with an impressive group of speakers in our general session including President Bill Clinton, Chief Investment Strategist James W. Paulsen Ph.D. and Heisman Trophy winner, Super Bowl MVP and Pro Football Hall of Famer and Executive Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Roger Staubach.


Consumers purchasing an electric vehicle are younger and more affluent than those buying a hybrid [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In honor of Earth Day, Experian Automotive released findings from an analysis comparing electric and hybrid* vehicles. Findings from the analysis showed that in 2013, more than 45 percent of hybrid car buyers were 56 years old or older, while roughly 26 percent of electric car buyers were of the same age. The greater percentage (55 percent) of electric buyers were between the ages of 36 years old and 55 years old. Additionally, nearly 21 percent of consumers purchasing an electric car had an average household income of $175,000 or more. Conversely, only 12 percent of consumers purchasing a hybrid had an average household income of the same level.


What is the difference between a fraud alert and security freeze? [Infographic]

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The Information Age transformed our way of life. It gives us new ways to communicate, have instant access to resources and the power to share information freely. Unfortunately the luxuries of this new age pose unique threats to consumers that were unconceivable in years past. It opens doors for thieves to capitalize on unsuspecting and innocent consumers. Fraud and identity theft is a booming business.

Fraud and identity theft are important concerns for people today. Understanding the tools available to help you prevent fraud and recover from it can help you reduce concerns about your personal information being compromised.


How to dispute items on your Experian credit report [Infographic]

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More than 20 years ago, Experian became the first credit bureau to create a consumer education program. We started the program because we wanted to arm consumers with the right information and resources to help them understand the fundamentals of credit management and the benefits of having good credit.


How to check your credit report [Infographic]

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Getting a copy of your credit report is the easiest first step to take control of your finances. A personal credit report contains details about your financial behavior and identification information. It is an easy-to-read summary of your credit accounts and total debt—both existing balances and available limits. Under federal law you are entitled to a copy of your credit report every twelve months. To obtain your credit report go to


Experian’s committed to financial literacy month…all year round

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Did you know that April is the official month for promoting financial literacy?

Being aware of your credit and where you stand is important all year long, but the next 30 days will be dedicated specifically to educating consumers on all aspects of personal finance from managing your credit, paying off debt and saving for your first home or child’s secondary education to how to invest and plan well for retirement.

We know how these topics can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s one of the reasons that our weekly #CreditChat on twitter and Ask Experian column focuses on these subjects all year round. We want to give consumers the right resources and access to experts in an effort to help consumers change their financial behavior – that is part of our commitment.

Join us all month long in our special Google+ hangouts, tweet chats (#CreditChat), and visit our blog for some exciting new resources created just for you!


The Facts on Court Ventures and Experian

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It’s no surprise that cybercrime and data breaches are hot topics for media and bloggers these days.

Unfortunately, because of all the attention paid to these topics, we’ve seen some inaccurate information about Experian circulating in news outlets and other Web sites.

I want to take a moment to clarify the facts and events, including Experian’s involvement in the case involving Court Ventures, a company that collects and aggregates information from public records; US Info Search, a company that provides location and other data for people and companies; and a criminal named Hieu Minh Ngo.


Santander chooses Experian’s PowerCurve for customer growth

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Santander, one of the UK’s leading providers of current accounts, mortgages, loans and savings products, has signed a five year contract for the deployment of Experian’s Originations and Customer Management products on their PowerCurve™ platform, to support its customer acquisitions and portfolio monitoring processes. The PowerCurve Originations and PowerCurve Customer Management solutions will help Santander support […]


Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 Digital Marketer report shows social media continues to be influential source of traffic for retail

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Pinterest is the top social media traffic driver for retailer Websites; is the top source of traffic from social sites. According to new research from Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insight, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing, social media Websites are playing an increasingly important role in driving traffic to […]


Experian awarded industry leading data security certification

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Ernst & Young audit provides Baker Hill® products with SSAE16 SOC 2 and 3 certification Experian®, the leading global information services company, announced that the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts’ (AICPA) has awarded the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 and 3 level certification (formerly SAS 70 reports) for its Baker Hill® products — Baker Hill Advisor® and Baker […]


A year in review: A look back at 2013 automotive market trends

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Over the years, one of the lessons that I’ve learned is, to prepare for the future you must understand the past. The same lesson can and should be applied to the automotive industry. As manufacturers, aftermarket companies and retailers continue to move their businesses into 2014 and beyond, it is always beneficial to take a moment and assess what happened in years past.

For example, according to Experian Automotive’s Quarterly Report: A look back at the 2013 automotive market share trends, the overall automotive market decreased slightly, with approximately 900,000 vehicles taken off the road from a year ago. Additionally, there were 98 million vehicles within the aftermarket “sweet spot” (vehicles between model years 2002-2008), which means a good number of opportunities (vehicles out of warranty) are available for aftermarket companies. However, with a shortage of model year 2009 vehicles due to low sales volumes, we can expect this number to decrease next year.


Experian Marketing Services releases sixth annual Digital Marketer report with results of new global cross-channel marketing survey

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Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insight and targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing, today announced the release of The 2014 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report, the marketing industry’s go-to resource, now in its sixth year, for key industry benchmarks, consumer insights and data. In addition to benchmark and trend data, the 2014 edition features the results of a new cross-channel marketing survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. According to its results, the survey shows that 80 percent of marketers plan to run cross-channel marketing campaigns in 2014 and more than half of marketers plan to integrate their marketing campaigns across four or more different channels.


Improved housing market doesn’t lead to improved business credit within construction industry

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As a child, one of the things we all learn is cause and effect. If someone is hungry, then they eat food. If someone is tired, then they take a nap. So logically, one can infer that since we are seeing a recovering housing market, more people will want to buy houses, thus creating a need for more homes to be built.

But that’s what makes the findings from Experian’s Q4 Metro Business Pulse analysis all the more intriguing. Although the housing market is showing signs of improvement, the construction industry continues to struggle with below-average business credit health, including a lower-than-average risk score, paying their bills more days beyond contracted terms, had higher bankruptcy rates and had a greater percentage of delinquent debt than other industries.


Five Truths About Marketing Information Service Providers (aka “Data Brokers”)

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In a world where customized advertising is delivered directly to the right group of people in the most targeted ways, it’s hard to remember that life wasn’t always this convenient.

Because marketing information service providers (aka: “data brokers”) play such an important role in our lives and our economy, I thought I’d share five little-known facts about the marketing data industry.


FTC’s Proposal for a Central Website for “Data Brokers” Won’t Work…Here’s Why

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The FTC has advocated for the creation of a central website where marketing information service providers (FTC calls them “data brokers”) would be listed, with links to these companies, their privacy policies and also choice options, giving consumers the capability to review/amend the data that companies maintain.

The FTC claims that such a website would bring needed transparency to the practices of companies that are not well-known to consumers. However, the proposal raises many more questions than it answers.

The FTC first discussed this proposal in its 2012 report, entitled “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: Recommendations for Businesses and Policymakers,” and FTC Commissioners and staff have repeatedly cited the need for a centralized  website in testimony before Congress and speeches to stakeholder groups. The proposal was also referenced in December 2013 reports issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Senate Commerce Committee.


Consumer trust isn’t just a philosophy, it’s our way of doing business

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Every organization that touches consumer data is responsible for creating and maintaining consumer trust writes Rick Erwin, President of Targeting at Experian Marketing Services, in a recent issue of Direct Marketing News.

Erwin, a direct marketing industry veteran and DMA board member, challenges the data industry at large to adopt strict guidelines and business principles that further consumer trust and effective data stewardship.

Most organizations within the data industry realize the need for greater consumer education around privacy, but how do we address that need and put it into practice? At Experian Marketing Services, for example, we are guided by balance, accuracy, security, integrity and communications, the five tenets of our Global Information Values.


Car and home buyers underestimate the impact of identity fraud on securing a good interest rate, survey reveals

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Most consumers (89 percent) agree that credit plays an important role when buying a home or a car but only 73 percent recognize that identity fraud could affect their ability to get loans with favorable interest rates, according to a new survey from Experian Consumer Services. In addition, more than half of big-ticket purchasers fail to check their credit at any point in the buying process, which leads to surprises when it comes time to close the deal.

“Identity fraud is real and affects consumers at very important times of life,” said Ken Chaplin, senior vice president of marketing for Experian Consumer Services. “In today’s environment, it’s especially important that consumers check their credit regularly to spot signs of fraud, understand better what affects their credit and make decisions that will help them be in the best position possible when it comes time to buy their dream home or car.”


Experian offers expertise from its Global Consulting Practice to Ser Technology

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Agreement extends Experian data and consulting services to ProAct clients

Experian®, the leading global information services company, today announced an agreement with Ser Technology, developer of ProAct, a Web-based business intelligence consumer lending analysis and data warehousing solution. The agreement integrates Experian’s Global Consulting Practice expertise with ProAct providing SerTechnology’s credit union clients a 360 degree portfolio view, improving efficiency in the delivery of portfolio risk management decisioning.

“We’re excited to collaborate and work more closely with Experian,” said Douglas White, executive vice president of business development at Ser Technology. “Credit unions are overwhelmed with increased risk management compliance burdens as well as executing strategic portfolio risk management strategies. With Experian, credit unions can now leverage ProAct and Experian data and business consulting for strategic portfolio risk management solutions.”


Experian continues to be recognized for its commitment to financial literacy and consumer education

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Experian North America CEO Victor Nichols recently was recognized by the Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Orange County, California, as its 2014 Community Hero of the Year for his commitment to consumer financial literacy.

Mr. Nichols and Experian are proud to have been honored with this award. Experian has long been committed to consumer financial literacy and removing the mystery surrounding credit reports and scores, and that commitment has not wavered.