Here’s Why You Will Be Hiring a Data Scientist in 2016

Posted on Feb 10 2016 by

Eric Haller Inc

In this article from Inc., Eric Haller, executive vice president of Experian DataLabs, discusses the data scientist role and why it is so important that many startups will likely need to hire one in 2016.


Data for Good: How Big Data and Social Media Can Help Small Businesses

Posted on Feb 04 2016 by

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This Bloomberg Business Radio interview with Eric Haller, executive vice president of Experian DataLabs, covers Experian’s innovative approach to using big data and social media to help small businesses with credit verification.


Breakthrough Innovations at Experian’s DataLabs

Posted on Feb 03 2016 by

In this article written for IT Business Net by Eric Haller, Executive Vice President of Experian’s DataLabs, he discusses how innovations at Experian DataLabs are using breakthrough experiments to do good things with data.


Dream Job: How I Became a Data Scientist

Posted on Jan 27 2016 by

This Q&A interview that appeared on with Dr. Shanji Xiong, Experian DataLab’s global chief scientist, discusses his career and provides advice for data scientist hopefuls.


Leveraging Data Insight Can Drive Success, but Few Have the Data They Need

Posted on Jan 26 2016 by


Good data is a critical part of building a robust business strategy. Organizations use actionable data insight to improve the customer experience, drive operational efficiencies, leverage cost savings, and enhance the bottom line. In fact, the majority of sales decisions are expected to be driven by customer data by 2020.


Email Volume Rose 25 percent Year-Over-Year During 2015 Holiday Season

Posted on Jan 20 2016 by

New findings from Experian show that Cyber Monday retained its rank as the top email volume and transaction day.


Experian Named Top Email Service Provider in The Marketer Quarterly’s 2015 Email Marketing Awards

Posted on Jan 12 2016 by

The Relevancy Group’s The Marketer Quarterly recognized Experian’s contributions to outstanding email marketing campaigns


The Science of Big Data

Posted on Jan 08 2016 by

The Science Behind Big Data

This article published in CIO Review magazine by Eric Haller, executive vice-president of Experian’s global DataLabs, discusses the science behind Big Data and how it can be used as a force for good.