Say Yes to a Wedding Budget: Saving Tips for Your Big Day

Join our #CreditChat on Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitter, and Snapchat every Wednesday at 3 p.m ET. This week, we helped you say yes to a wedding budget, discussing saving tips for your big day.

The panel will include: Steve & Annette Economides: NY Times Best Selling Authors and founders of the Money Smart Family; Jessica Bishop: Wedding planner, author and founder of The Budget Savvy BrideShannon McNay: Personal Finance Freelance Writer; Rod Griffin: Director of Public Education at Experian; and Christina Roman: Social Media Specialist at Experian.

We also featured financial tips all week on Snapchat.

Moments from our Twitter chat.

Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: Once a couple gets engaged, what’s the best starting point for planning the wedding?
  • Q2: How should a couple go about deciding their wedding budget?
  • Q3: How can a couple manage familial expectations and input when it comes to their wedding?
  • Q4: How can a couple save money on the venue/location?
  • Q5: What’s the best way to save money on wedding invitations?
  • Q6: What are some inexpensive flower/décor options?
  • Q7: How can a couple save money on food/drinks/cake?
  • Q8: What are some tips to help accelerate your savings before the wedding?
  • Q9: How can the wedding party save money on their attire?
  • Q10: What are some common mistakes people make when planning a wedding on a budget?
  • Q11: What are your final tips for planning a budget-friendly wedding?


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