How to Use Apps to Achieve Financial Success

Join our #CreditChat on Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitter, and Snapchat every Wednesday at 3 p.m ET. In this chat, we discussed how to use apps to achieve financial success.

This panel included: Christian Zimmerman: Found & CEO of Qoins; Ben Barlowe: Community Manager at YNAB; Brandon Krieg: CEO and co-founder of StashShannon McNay: Writer for Student Loan Hero; Rod Griffin: Director of Public Education at Experian; Kerrie Roberts: Social Media Community Manager at Experian; and Christina Roman: Social Media Specialist at Experian.

We also featured financial tips all week on Snapchat.

Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: How are financial apps changing the way people are managing their finances?
  • Q2: How are financial apps helping to improve financial literacy?
  • Q3: What are different types of financial apps that are available?
  • Q4: How can you gauge if the app you are using is right for you?
  • Q5: How can financial apps help you to achieve your life goals?
  • Q6: How often should you use your financial apps?
  • Q7: How can you tell if an app is trustworthy?
  • Q8: What should people do to protect themselves when using financial apps on their phone?
  • Q9: How do you avoid getting lost or overwhelmed by the apps you are using to manage your finances?
  • Q10: Do you have any final suggestions for using financial apps to manage your finances?

Here’s a brief recap of our tweetchat:


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