Data and Credit Trends ft. the NFCC

Join our #CreditChat on Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitter, and Snapchat every Wednesday at 3 p.m ET. In this chat, we discussed data and credit trends.

The panel included: Bruce McClary: Vice President of Communications for the NFCC;  Shannon McNay: Writer for Student Loan Hero; and Christina Roman: Social Media Specialist at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: When it comes to financial knowledge, what grade would you give yourself?
  • Q2: What would you say are among the top personal finance worries for consumers?
  • Q3: Do you have a budget? How do you think Americans are faring when it comes to setting up a budget?
  • Q4: When it comes to credit, how likely do you think it is for people to carry balance month-to-month?
  • Q5: Do you have an established system for when you use cash vs. credit? What factors commonly weigh-in to your decision?
  • Q6: Why are emergency funds essential? How much should you realistically have saved in one?
  • Q7: Where do you go for advice when you are in a financial bind? What options are available?
  • Q8: Some people turn to payday or subprime lending to help them in a financial struggle. How can financial literacy help them avoid this?
  • Q9: Retirement is one financial topic that keeps people up at night. Are you prioritizing saving for retirement? What options are available?
  • Q10: What advice do you have for someone who would grade their level of financial literacy in the C, D or F range? 

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