Unpacking the future of AdTech: Insights from Beet Retreat 2023

Published: November 30, 2023 by Experian Marketing Services

Key takeaways from Beet Retreat 2023.

Industry leaders recently gathered at the influential Beet Retreat 2023 conference held in Santa Monica, sharing forward-looking perspectives on the future of advertising. This renowned event known for its diverse mix of leaders from TV, agencies, advertising, and technology sectors, was enriched by insights from Experian’s very own Chris Feo, SVP of Sales & Partnerships, and Kimberly Gilberti, Chief Product Officer. Both Feo and Gilberti brought their expertise and perspectives for harnessing the potential of high-growth connected TV (CTV) advertising.

The era of connected everything at Beet Retreat 2023

In the “Era of Connected Everything,” panel, Feo dived into the concept of a ‘connected everything’ world. He emphasized the importance of balancing consumer and privacy expectations with the increasing integration of AI and machine learning.

“As decisioning evolves, creative tech and data derived from creative scale will play a bigger role.”

chris feo, svp, sales & partnerships

Feo further discussed the potential of creative technology, particularly in how AI and machine learning could revolutionize content personalization. He cited examples where the same creative content is used indiscriminately across diverse demographics, suggesting a future where creative content adapts and performs well for a variety of audience identities.

Experian’s balanced approach at Beet Retreat 2023

During a fireside chat, Gilberti shared her vision on the transformative role of television in the advertising technology landscape.

“Connecting exposure to business outcomes is the holy grail of measuring CTV and effectiveness.”

kimberly gilberti, chief product officer

Her insights reflected the growing interplay between digital and traditional TV advertising, and the opportunities arising from this convergence. Gilberti emphasized the critical role of data analytics in enabling advertisers to tailor content more effectively to diverse TV audiences. She envisioned a future where the integration of digital strategies and traditional TV advertising create a more cohesive and impactful AdTech approach.

Future focus: Diversification and partnerships

Both Feo and Gilberti underscored the need for advertisers to diversify their partnerships. By working with a variety of partners, you can mitigate risks and foster innovation, ensuring you are not overly dependent on a single channel or approach.

Navigate what’s next with Experian

Experian’s contributions at Beat Retreat 2023 underscore our pivotal role in the AdTech industry. With a unique balance of offline and online data expertise, we are not just adapting to changes but leading the way in innovation and strategy. Our insights and approaches, as highlighted by Feo and Gilberti, demonstrate our commitment to guiding the industry through its rapid evolution, making our role indispensable in the future of advertising technology.

At Experian, we’re your partner in data-driven marketing and can help make your interactions more meaningful. To learn more, connect with a member of our team today.

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