Experian and Samsung Ads partnership makes Experian identity and syndicated audiences available directly within Samsung’s demand-side platform (DSP)

Published: December 5, 2023 by Experian Marketing Services

Experian identity and syndicated audiences are now available in Samsung's DSP

In the fast-paced advertising world, collaboration is crucial to keep up with the flux in consumer behaviors. Samsung Ads and Experian have joined forces to address this challenge. This partnership aims to equip marketers with the necessary tools and insights to create compelling and impactful content that resonates with the right audience at the right time. By combining our expertise and precision, through this new partnership, we promise to maximize the reach, effectiveness, and efficiency of advertising campaigns. This collaboration ensures that marketing messages get noticed and strike a chord with the intended audience, leading to meaningful engagement and measurable outcomes.

The Samsung Ads and Experian collaboration

The powerful integration between Samsung Ads and Experian brings together Samsung Ads’ industry-leading viewership data and massive device scale with the detailed data insights of Experian. This combined effort enhances the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by merging scale with precision. Advertisers can now reap the benefits of a comprehensive solution that delivers customized content to a wide audience with unparalleled accuracy.

“Navigating the dynamic landscape of digital advertising requires innovative solutions and strategic collaborations. This partnership with Samsung Ads exemplifies our commitment to empowering advertisers with data-driven insights that reach and resonate with audiences. With Experian Marketing Data directly accessible within the Samsung DSP, advertisers are equipped to orchestrate campaigns with unprecedented precision and impact, marking a significant stride in personalized advertising.”

chris feo, svp, sales & partnerships, experian

Samsung Ads: Orchestrating reach and precision

Samsung Ads’ suite of advertising solutions uses Samsung’s massive global scale to bring advertisers unmatched opportunities to engage consumers across every screen, during every moment that matters, delivering quantifiable results on a massive scale.

Samsung DSP: Key features and benefits

Samsung Ads believes that smarter advertising doesn’t need to be more complicated. With Samsung DSP, every intuitive feature is engineered to make media simple again, offering advertisers the ability to reach their audience more effectively, across every screen.

Addressable TV

Transforms traditional viewing experiences by delivering personalized content to specific households, enhancing engagement and connection.

Contextual targeting

Nurtures audience engagement by placing ads in relevant content environments that amplify their relevance and impact.

Global reach

Navigate the digital expanse with agility, delivering content to millions of consumers across devices and platforms, in brand-safe environments.

Data-driven targeting

Combine Samsung Ads’ unrivaled proprietary device data with Experian’s insights, to translate global reach into personalized consumer engagement.

“The new partnership between Experian and Samsung Ads is an exciting development for advertisers as they look to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. With hands-on access to Experian’s identity solution and audiences directly within our platform, Samsung DSP, advertisers can now better address their most important audiences on the screens they use most.”

alex boras, platform lead, samsung dsp

Why choose Experian in Samsung

At Experian, data is more than just numbers; it tells detailed stories about what consumers like, how they behave, and their experiences. Each piece of data supports the connective networks that offer advertisers nuanced insights and actionable strategies.

Ease of use

Experian syndicated audiences take the guesswork out of developing segments, and they are available turnkey on the Samsung Ads shelf.

Expansive reach, scale, and flexibility

Our breadth and depth of data ensures detailed and targeted insights, spanning multiple verticals and can be directly attached to households, providing contextual relevance to each consumer’s behaviors and purchase patterns.

  • A rich data set that encompasses 126 million households and 750 million hashed emails
  • 5,000 data attributes for enrichment, licensing, and audience creation
  • 2,400 ready-to-use audiences on integrated platforms spanning 8 verticals, complemented by an average of 2,300 attributes per household and 250 attributes per consumer

Four benefits to advertisers

The partnership between Samsung Ads and Experian offers a plethora of benefits to advertisers, including:

Enhanced audience targeting

You can use Samsung Ads’ ACR data and Experian’s syndicated audiences to create highly targeted campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time. This can lead to significant improvements in campaign performance, such as increased engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.

Optimized ad spend

You can reduce wasted ad spend by using Experian’s data to identify and avoid audiences less likely to be interested in your products or services. This can help you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Improved attribution

You can better understand the consumer journey by tracking how audiences interact with your ads across different devices and platforms. This information can be used to optimize campaigns and improve overall performance.

Brand safety

You can ensure that your ads are displayed in safe and secure environments by using Samsung Ads’ brand safety solutions. This helps to protect brand integrity and reputation.

Samsung and Experian are steering the future of advertising

Together, our goal is to bring personalized and improved ad experiences to the forefront. This partnership allows advertisers to tailor their ads to individual consumer interests and needs, using the rich consumer data insights provided by Experian. Additionally, the partnership offers measurable aspects that allow advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns across various platforms, increasing their return on investment. By enhancing the overall ad experience, Samsung and Experian ensure that ads are more relevant and less intrusive, improving consumer engagement.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can access our syndicated audiences in Samsung’s DSP.

To learn more about our partner Samsung Ads, visit SamsungAds.com.

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