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Experian publishes five global business trends that will help senior executives protect their growth ambitions against rising fraud threats

Experian has published its first annual global fraud report covering the convergence of growth strategies and fraud prevention.

The report, Global Business Trends: Protecting Growth Ambitions Against Rising Fraud Threats, is designed as a guide for senior executives and fraud prevention professionals, offering new insights on how the alignment of strategies for business growth and fraud prevention can help a business grow revenues while managing risks in an increasingly virtual world.

The report identifies five trends that businesses should assess and take action on to mitigate fraud and improve the customer experience in today’s fast-paced, consumer-centric environment.

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Most companies have to cast a fairly large net to catch fraudsters.

This is simply because most fraudsters are hard to find in the crowd, so essentially the whole crowd has to be viewed with suspicion.

This is why steps taken to block fraudsters often end up inconveniencing a disproportionate number of true customers.

The more targeted the fraud measures, the more likely you are to catch the fraudster without disrupting legitimate customers. We call this right sizing the fraud solution.

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