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United Kingdom - Dramatic increase in current account fraud
Current account fraud almost doubles due to extensive large scale organised attacks...

EMEA - Over 95 per cent of towns too expensive for new families to move up property ladder
Homeowners in over 9 out of 10 UK towns face 50% mortgage increase or more to move up. Growing families at centre of a property stalemate. Moving up from starter home to family home is hardest in...

Turkey - Lack of data is limiting organisations’ ability to deliver a truly a truly personalised experience.
Organisations across EMEA agree that big data is key to improving customer experience, but few use external data to achieve it...

EMEA  - Four in five EMEA organisations say online fraud is the biggest threat
Account takeover and application fraud experienced the most activity in the past 12 months. ID theft expected to grow and become significant concern for nearly half of credit providers in EMEA...

United States - Fraud-prevention best practices for online merchants to use for 2015 holiday season
Experian data shows a customer-centric fraud-prevention strategy helps drive revenue...

United Kingdom - Data breaches could cost UK businesses £20bn
New regulations will significantly raise reporting and financial stakes for companies. Two thirds of customers affected say they would cease doing business with an affected organisation...

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Feature - Fraud and Identity

Trust that spans the entire customer journey

Trust is at the centre of every strong, lasting relationship. Trust gives us confidence and lets us feel secure. It's difficult to earn, but can be lost in a heartbeat. And trust only works when it goes both ways. When we put our trust in something, we expect to be trusted in return. 

Doing business in a world of faceless transactions and expanding channels brings a lot of opportunity yet carries distinct risk. Key to topline growth lies in uncovering the potential that exists in a way that protects your business, without wasting your customers’ time or making them feel uncomfortable.

For today’s savvy consumers, the most effective fraud prevention and identity strategy is the one people don’t notice. Customers expect to be recognised and welcomed wherever, whenever, and however they do business with you.

With the right combination of technology and expertise, you can ensure your customers experience smooth, safe interactions while accessing all they are entitled to.

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FraudNet analyses interactions to determine the level of risk they represent, examining all of the data available for each transaction to identify signs of intentional deception.

Frank Abagnale: Protect your business, your reputation, your brand and your customers

FraudNet identifies the devices (personal computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc.) involved each transaction, the velocity of activity from suspicious devices, and geo-location factors that indicate a high probability of fraud.



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