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Business Consultant Profiles

Our business consultants are former business leaders and consultants who have years of “real world” experience working in the markets and industries we serve. They have lived through many of the challenges facing clients today. This practical experience combined with industry forethought, global best practices, deep problem solving acumen and a common consulting engagement methodology gives us the ability to meet or exceed client expectations.

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Cherian Abraham

Consulting expertise: Mobile commerce & payment, mobile fraud risk & identity management and mobile in financial services.

Andrew Beddoes

Consulting expertise: Credit risk management, portfolio strategy management and credit life cycle.


Didi Frohardt

Consulting expertise: Credit risk assessment, portfolio monitoring, mortgage & leasing originiations and system integration. 


Jon Hudson

Consulting expertise: Credit risk management, customer acquisition, account management and predelinquency.


Jacqueline Maybaum

Consulting expertise: Consumer finance, credit risk-management acquisitions, telecommunications & energy and regulatory compliance.


Jerry Podczanski

Consulting expertise: Risk management and operations, regulatory compliance including Basel, mortgages and credit policy.


Joel Pruis

Consulting expertise: Commercial / Small-business loan originiation, commercial real-estate originiation portfolio management and loan origination/portfolio management process improvment/automation.


Armando Ramos

Consulting expertise: Data center operations, operational and programmer management, business solution (online and batch) and software solutions.


Alexandra Siotos

Consulting expertise: Collection products and services, analytics and scoring, account segmentation and operational efficiencies.


Robert Stone

Consulting expertise: Credit risk management, data analytics, statistical modeling, and mortgage and credit card.


John Taylor

Consulting expertise: Analytics, deposits and debit, consumer and commercial risk management and marketing analytics.


Craig Wilson

Consulting expertise: Analytics, collections and recovery, fraud detection and recovery and operational planning.

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