Bankcard segmentation

For consumers today, there are an endless amount of credit card products available at their fingertips. Having a better understanding of your customers spending behavior and personal preferences will allow you to determine the best offer, and in turn, increase revenue.

Design the right offer for the right customer

Our bankcard segmentation services include robust data and expert consulting to develop credit card marketing and acquisition strategies that will drive growth in your business. Designing effective segmentation strategies and matching the right credit card offer to each customer can increase take up rates and stimulate card use, leading to higher profitability.

Our consultants leverage a wide range of data assets and analytical techniques to design highly effective segmentation strategies. With an average of 20 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your customers and prospects are segmented based on preferences and usage—enabling you to optimize marketing results and increase profitability. 


  • Acquire new customers: Develop targeted, well-designed strategies resulting in higher take up rates
  • Design effective marketing strategies: Maximize your efforts and increase marketing ROI
  • Improve cross-sell strategies: Generate optimal growth by cross-selling the right offer to the right customer


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Bankcard segmentation services

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