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Account Profitability

Maximize the Value of Customer Relationships

Identify which customers will produce the most profit-presenting opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell, even as your product offering grows more complex. Take advantage of Experian's insight into customer profitability and switching propensities, and improve your collections and maximize returns from every account.

Reduce Churn and Retain Customers

Using industry-specific churn models, you can find out which customers have a propensity to switch vendors or stop buying from you – Experian can then help you save those customers.

Optimize Your Collection Efforts

Get the most out of your portfolio. When businesses find that their customers are having difficulty meeting their credit obligations, Experian steps in with professional tools and experience to help manage collections.

Help Me Acquire New Customers and Maximize Customer Value

Experian® helps telecommunications, energy and cable companies target new customers and maximize existing relationships by leveraging our vast, regularly updated sources of credit data and expertise in technology. Complete the form below to learn more.

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