Delinquency Notification ServiceSM

Three challenges prevent many businesses from effectively collecting on their past-due commercial customers. How many of these are you encountering today?

  • Inability to motivate late-paying customers — Existing communication strategies prove ineffective at motivating and prioritizing payment of outstanding credit obligations.
  • Limited in-house resources — In-house collection resources are limited, resulting in increased delinquency and uncollected debt in the portfolio.
  • Poor customer experience — Current collection methods leave customers feeling threatened, which creates obstacles for resolving payment issues and disputes.

Maximize your recovery efforts

In today’s economic climate, collecting on business debt is a top priority for many credit issuers and financial institutions. Delinquency Notification ServiceSM leverages the power of the Experian brand to help motivate payment from delinquent commercial customers before their accounts are sent to collections. Delinquent customers receive a letter on Experian letterhead detailing their current obligations and providing instructions on how best to pay you. They’re also presented with a 60-day free trial offer to Experian’s Business Credit AdvantageSM. This offering gives your customers access to their own commercial credit report and score, as well as education on how to improve their credit standing and make more informed financial decisions. This cost-effective letter service improves recovery rates while providing valuable financial insights and education to business customers.

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