Experian: Embracing Changes Due to the Pandemic Will Advance the Healthcare Industry Forward

Published: March 15, 2022 by Tom Cox

Male nurse showing digital tablet to mother by toddler in hospital

Simplifying healthcare for all – that seems like a tall task to accomplish considering the last two years. What we once considered simple activities in our daily lives, such as going to the store to buy groceries or getting children to school, was upended by a global pandemic. Factor in the massive changes in healthcare operations, and it is clear the system needs to continue to evolve. It also cements my belief that Experian Health’s mission is even more relevant and achievable today than it was pre-COVID 19.

In fact, this aspiration of simplifying healthcare for all is top of mind for me and Experian as we go into HIMSS22, the premier healthcare conference being held in Orlando this week.

The healthcare industry has undergone massive changes since the fateful announcements in early 2020. While adapting to the pandemic was a huge undertaking for many organizations at the onset, those who opted to embrace change saw the payoff as they simplified administrative tasks and created efficiencies for both providers and patients. We saw organizations eagerly adopt technology and tools to take paperwork digital, streamlining the patient intake process and improving the accuracy of the data received. Instead of phone calls, patients and providers scheduled appointments and communicated online through secure portals saving time and manpower. The use of telehealth appointments allowed providers to see more patients and do so safely. Who would not want the simplicity of carving out just a few minutes from the comfort of one’s home for a non-urgent appointment?

We are proud to have been a part of this evolution helping healthcare organizations pivot in the face of such a daunting predicament. For example, through our digital front door solutions, patients were able to schedule and pre-register for appointments online avoiding extra time spent in waiting rooms. We verified hundreds of thousands of identities quickly as Americans lined up for COVID-19 testing and vaccines. Our mobile payments system served to make the financial aspects of care easier to fulfill. Providers turned to us to help recoup costs from the government and insurers for COVID-19 care with our insurance discovery solution. Experian will not stop here, and we will continue to innovate high-tech, data-driven approaches to simplify healthcare for all; I hope the industry doesn’t stop either in tackling tough operational challenges using the power of technology and data.

With this in mind, I look forward to hearing about the lessons learned by the industry as well as future innovations from the participants at HIMSS22. It’s the “can’t-miss healthcare conference of the year,” and we are pleased to be a sponsor and exhibitor once again. For those attending, visit us at Booth #3059. Taking the conference playbook of a hybrid approach with both digital and in-person participation, the healthcare industry should follow suit. Let’s certainly keep valuable in-person mechanisms in place, but not forget about the last two years and the incredible progress made that moved the industry forward.

At Experian, we strive to help clients operate more quickly, smoothly and efficiently across the healthcare journey. With a new mindset in the industry and the tools available to act on change from providers like Experian, simplifying healthcare for all is not just a mission but an outcome we must achieve.

Tom Cox is President of Experian Health.

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