Experian and Lecrae Present “Protect The Bag” to Help Young Adults Build Financial Legacies

November 9, 2021 by Abigail Lovell

Growing up, my family rarely talked about money. So, in college, when I had the opportunity to get my first credit card, I also found myself in a little trouble when the first bill came.

Most of us simply don’t learn about money matters until we find ourselves in these difficult situations. That’s one of the reasons why we’re excited to launch a creative and new program to teach young adults about the basics to building a financial legacy.

Protect The Bag” debuts today. It’s a six-part web series produced in partnership with Grammy-award winning artist, entrepreneur, author and community advocate, Lecrae. We first met Lecrae when he supported a United for Financial Health initiative in his hometown last year. “Protect The Bag” is a hip master class with finance and credit basics presented in an authentic way.

Lecrae describes it as “edutainment” that includes scripted skits and interviews with everyday people. His friends Tyler Lockett, Coco Jones and WHATUPRG, among others, join him and share their financial health journeys as part of the shows as well.

“Protect The Bag” is not just about credit. It’s about all aspects of personal finance. We’re proud of this innovative way to help consumers understand topics like saving, investing, budgeting and identity protection through someone they admire and trust.

We hope you tune in every Tuesday, starting today, for the next six weeks. Episodes will appear on Lecrae’s YouTube channel starting at 7:00 p.m.EST/4 p.m.PST.

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