International Women’s Week: Better Balance = Better Experian

March 8, 2019 by Editor

The Women in Experian Employee Resource Group recently celebrated International Women’s Week with a series of events, including executive panels, speakers and book club meetings. The theme of this year’s event is Better Balance = Better Experian, focusing not only on bringing awareness for gender balance, but also celebrating inclusion.

The activities are part of Experian’s commitment to advancing a culture that not only respects differences, but actively celebrates them. We call this The Power of YOU.

During the week, we announced that Merideth Wilson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Revenue Cycle Solutions for Experian Health, will be the lead ambassador for the Women in Experian (WiE) Employee Resource Group in North America. Throughout the year, Wilson and a global team of female leaders from across the business will plan initiatives designed to help women achieve their ambitions and build successful careers.

In a Q and A this week, Wilson shared her thoughts and provided tips for women on how to be successful in the workplace.

Q. Why is confidence so important for women to reach their career goals?
A. Confidence is key for anyone wanting to reach their career goals, but I find it’s especially important for women to find their voice and be able to confidently express themselves. Women need to ask for what they want more often and be vocal about their career aspirations on a regular basis versus waiting for an annual review discussion, for example. Messages typically are delivered and received more successfully using a confident tone; authenticity in a person and one’s message is also very important.

Q. What advice can you provide when it comes to accountability?
A. Women have to hold ourselves accountable, both professionally and personally, and deliver/drive the results we say we will (or sign up for). Being accountable means taking personal responsibility for the outcome and removing the roadblocks in our way to achieving our goals. I often find that “credibility” is tied to “accountability,” and the importance of how we as women conduct ourselves in driving to the results cannot be overstated.

Q. What are your thoughts on communication skills and being self-aware?
A. Women need to know their audience. Effective communication often requires different styles and mediums depending on the situation and environment. One of the greatest communication skills a woman can have is the ability to confidently present in public. Public speaking is scary to many, but with practice it can be a woman’s best asset.

Q. Explain how empathy and honesty can be key to career growth.
A. Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are three key traits to help propel a person’s career growth. It is nearly impossible to grow one’s career without the ability to truly relate to others with understanding, appreciation and respect for another person’s journey or perspective.

Q. Why is it important to be inspirational and optimistic in the workplace?
A. Good leaders inspire others to do more, be more and produce more. I find that people generally want to work with people they like, trust, admire and find upbeat. Bringing our full selves to work each day — in mind, body and spirit — helps contribute to a happy, productive and fun work environment for all, and it’s something we should aspire to each day.

About Merideth Wilson
Wilson is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Revenue Cycle Solutions for Experian Health, a position she assumed in September 2014. In this role, she serves as the executive responsible for the Claims, Contract Manager, Patient Estimates and Medical Necessity solution suites and operations.

Wilson joined Experian in January 2004 through the Medical Present Value, Inc. (MPV) acquisition. She has held various leadership positions in operations, product management and development, outsourcing services, client delivery, and strategic marketing and planning.

Wilson earned a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University.