Experian Health Increases Market Penetration of Its Identity Management Solution with New Partnership

January 8, 2019 by Editor

Father and son at the hospital talking to the receptionist and looking very happy.

Experian Health has announced a partnership with Change Healthcare, a leading revenue cycle management provider, to jointly provide an identity management solution to solve patient identification and duplication challenges most often occurring during the patient registration process.

Accurate identification of patients across care settings is one of the most common challenges in healthcare today. Improper identity management plagues multiple aspects of the healthcare system and all stakeholders, including providers, payers, pharmacies, employers, and consumers. Without accurate record matching, patients can be put at risk. According to statistics cited by Pew Research Center up to 20 percent of patient records are not accurately matched within the same healthcare system—driving up costs, creating inefficiency, and risking patient safety.

The solution delivered to the market will leverage Experian Health’s robust identity management capabilities, along with Change Healthcare’s Intelligent Healthcare NetworkTM connecting providers and payers, to accurately identify patients and match records within and across disparate healthcare organizations. With the companies’ extensive footprint across healthcare providers, and Change Healthcare’s ecosystem of over 700 channel partners, the partnership will aim to deliver trusted identity management capabilities that are integrated with healthcare workflow applications across the continuum.

“It’s imperative the healthcare industry focus on accurate patient identification and data management to improve overall patient safety,” said Jennifer Schulz, group president, Experian Health. “This new partnership aligns with our commitment to connect and simplify healthcare in a data-driven world, and ultimately deliver an optimal consumer experience.”

At launch, the solution is expected to be available to all providers and payers in the United States.  Currently, Experian’s Universal Identity Management solution, in particular, now includes 136.3 million people, representing 42.6% coverage of the U.S. population, and that number continues to grow every month. This partnership will expand the company’s reach even more with partners such as payers and smaller clinics to scale its identity solutions at a quicker pace and benefit the entire industry.

“We are pleased to be able to move our business forward with key collaborations that will help us deliver a seamless and scalable identity management solution to more organizations,” added Schulz. “We look forward to working with Change Healthcare and exploring more partnership opportunities with them that can continue to address the healthcare industry’s most pressing operational issues through the power of data and analytics.”