Analytics to help businesses harness the power of big data

August 15, 2018 by Tom Blacksell

I’m delighted to confirm the launch of Experian Analytics on Demand in the UK. Following a highly successful launch in the US, it will be available to businesses across the UK and EMEA regions this Autumn.

Ascend is an integral part of the suite of market-leading Experian innovations that we’re bringing to market over coming months, all of which will accelerate the ability of our UK clients to harness the full potential of big data. It helps businesses of all shapes and sizes analyse vast volumes of information faster, more effectively, and with deeper insight than ever before. Ascend puts a new suite of data tools in the hands of in-house analytical teams, allowing them to build their own predictive models to develop business strategies and make real-time decisions – ultimately supporting their abilities to bring better services to market more quickly and with better results.

The digital transformation of our marketplace has meant that customers are constantly demanding a faster, more responsive service and that has put increasing pressure on businesses. Our research has found that only one in three businesses are employing advanced analytics technologies to develop a deeper, more meaningful understanding of their data. Just 29% currently combine both traditional and non-traditional data sources to gather more insight. While, two in five businesses still rely on instinct and subjective opinion to make decisions.

Ascend harnesses the power of open-source technology, combining it with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help businesses unlock insights and take decisive actions in the moments that matter. Bringing unique scale, speed and intelligence that deliver the best results for both businesses and our customers.

It’s not simply about changing the way you manage your data; it’s about modernising the way you manage your business.

This is a very exciting time for our industry and I’m looking forward to working with both our existing partners and new clients to demonstrate the many opportunities that this new platform can bring.

For an early view of the platform, please follow the link here to register your interest.