Vision 2015: Are you meeting your obligations as a data furnisher?

May 1, 2015 by Editor


Do you know the requirements of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) section 623? How accurate is your data? How do you know?

These are the questions data furnishers should be asking themselves as they start thinking about how to meet their regulatory obligations related to data accuracy. Minimizing regulatory risk and exposure is certainly top of mind for anyone that is engaged in the credit eco-system – the lender, the credit bureau, the consumer. While heavy fines and penalties can take a toll on an organization’s checkbook, the reputational impact to the company’s brand and customer experience can have a lingering, and often worsening, effect.

It’s important to think about the consequences of inaccurate credit data from the consumer perspective; inaccuracies can have an impact on a consumer getting a job, buying his or her first home, or getting a low interest rate.

Experian® understands the value of an accurate credit report. We have the ability to help data furnishers not only understand regulatory requirements, but help to drive a positive experience for the consumer through Experian Data Integrity ServicesSM. Hear more about our products and services that provide robust data-quality analysis.

What do the FCRA furnisher rules really mean? Why does it matter?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) section 623 mandates that when providing consumer credit information to the credit bureaus, data furnishers (regardless of size) must ensure accuracy and completeness. Without this, financial institutions will experience more regulatory pressure, higher dispute volumes and unhappy customers.

While ensuring data accuracy and completeness may seem like a very broad mandate that can be a bit overwhelming, Experian can help. The first step to compliance is to understanding what the rules mean and the reasons behind them. During our Vision 2015 session, Experian will break down section 623 of the FCRA and describe the specific obligations of data furnishers related to sending accurate data to the credit bureaus, correcting errors, and what it means to investigate and understand disputes. See Experian Data Integrity Services in action during a live demo of our dashboard which provides financial institutions with a deeper understanding of their disputes and how they compare to their peers and the industry.

Not only has the FCRA set requirements on dispute investigation and response, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) also is paying close attention. Recent announcements indicate that the CFPB wants more information about the credit eco-system to gain more data about consumer disputes. At Experian we understand the complexities that exist with a dispute and partner with financial institutions and regulatory agencies to shed more light on why a consumer disputes data on their credit report and how together we can resolve the issues and improve the customer experience.

Join this Vision 2015 session to hear about Experian’s National Credit Assistance Center (NCAC) and how the team assists consumers with disputes and dedicated fraud assistance. Our agents had conversations with consumers more than 2.5 million times last year. The NCAC’s highly skilled and knowledgeable agents know that their role goes beyond processing disputes — it has been proven that educated consumers are more creditworthy and have higher credit scores than those without credit education.

For that reason, for many years our center has employed a Stop the Clock philosophy where agent performance is measured on how well he or she assists a consumer and not how long a call takes. Our agents understand that calling a credit bureau can be intimidating so they deliver red carpet service,—making sure the consumer understands the process and walks them through any concerns and questions they have about their credit report.

When it comes to data accuracy, the NCAC management team has more than 100 years combined of credit bureau experience and is dedicated to working in partnership with data furnishers in data accuracy and dispute processing initiatives. They routinely work with data furnishers on issues such as training, processes and procedures and offer consultative expertise. Hear more about how the NCAC makes a difference for Experian’s clients and for their customers.


Data accuracy is more important the ever. Get a copy of the FCRA booklet, read about data-furnisher obligations, and start testing and sampling data right away. Learn more about how Experian Data Integrity Services can help validate data accuracy and provide insight into disputes. Consider visiting the NCAC to see firsthand how the Experian team assists with disputes, truly “stops the clock,” and goes above and beyond for our clients’ customers.