#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Jason Considine at #HIMSS17

April 10, 2017 by Experian Health

Jason-Considine-post-1024x801Jason Considine, Senior Vice President, Patient Collections & Engagement, with Experian Health, sat down with Joe Lavelle from IntrepidNOW at HIMSS17 to talk patient engagement.


“I think hospitals have spent tons of money really customizing the clinical experience for the patient over the last really 10 years and if you go into any hospital large hospital in America today, you’re going to feel like your care has been customized for you. But when you exit the care delivery mechanism and you get into the billing process, I still see providers treating patients kind of in a one size fits all method, and that’s where I see a lot of patient engagement changing from a financial perspective is using the power of information like what Experian has. We know what a patient’s financial disposition is, whether they can pay their bill or not, whether they qualify for the hospital’s financial assistance mechanism or not, and we can be more proactive in building that relationship and sending them offers to pay their bill and customize those types of engagements more appropriately for that you unique patient’s needs.

We are the Best in KLAS vendor for patient access solutions, the eCare NEXT products suite. We are very focused on taking those tools that have been adopted by providers across the United States and making them patient facing. And so we have portals that can be accessed from any mobile device and from a desktop or laptop, and give the patient the ability to shop for care using self-service estimates. Pay their bill online and set up new payment plans and really communicate with their providers in the mechanism in vehicles in which they want to do it.”

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