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Published: March 24, 2017 by Experian Health

Paul-Hoffman-Featured-399x255The future for patient engagement becomes more clear every time we go out and do focus groups with providers and their patients. And what we are hearing from our clients and providers is that 40% of all their patients are on charity and 40% are on payment plans. So you are looking at about 80% of their patients needing charity or payment plans. And a lot of that is manual processes inside of the provider. And we also heard from a lot of consumers and patients that there is confusion about how they can afford their care.

Clearly the thing that is on the top of our minds given this rising out of pocket expenses, is how can we anticipate what a patient needs when they leave the hospital using the Experian credit data? And then how can we proactively reach out to that patient with something that could be an activation offer for their charity care or their payment plan immediately after their service?

We feel is this is a much more compassionate approach than what happens today. Leveraging the Experian credit data to be more proactive and predictive is a much more compassionate approach that will shift the patient’s behavior instead of the scenario where that patient takes their statement for $500 and put it under the stack of their bills. That one size fits all approach is not going to work anymore.

We are moving to a very personalized patient engagement strategy that is more aligned with the patients’ needs and then give the patient all the digital automation tools so they can go and automate it and be done with it very quickly and they can focus on their health.

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