Uncovering Undiscovered Fraud Within the Portfolio

January 5, 2022 by Gary Stockton

Commercial fraud is spiking in the market, and companies are dealing with surges in fraud that they don’t even know they have. It stems from how they classify credit loss. Many firms might be unaware of how misclassifying credit loss presents a hidden opportunity to improve their fraud rates or determine which business segments they are serving that have the highest fraud rates.

Did you know there are new technologies that differentiate risk, and can predict fraud you never knew you had.

We have assembled an expert panel to discuss the problem in our upcoming webinar titled “Uncovering Undiscovered Fraud Within the Portfolio.

Join us to learn:

  • Which small business segments have the highest fraud rates
  • The ways you could be misclassifying your fraud losses and
  • Why it’s so important to score not only for credit risk, but also against predictive fraud indicators.

Mark your calendar:

Tuesday, January 25th
10am Pacific, 1:00 Eastern.

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