Uncovering Undiscovered Fraud Within the Portfolio

Published: January 5, 2022 by Gary Stockton

Experian hosted a commercial fraud trends webinar titled ‘Uncovering Undiscovered Fraud Within The Portfolio‘.

During our session, key Experian experts Dominic DeGuiseppe, Javier Rodriguez-Paiva, and Li Mao, discussed the critical issue of commercial fraud within the financial industry and how it’s often misclassified, leading to significant impacts on businesses.

The speakers emphasized how businesses often underestimate their commercial fraud issues. Misclassification happens when business operational losses are erroneously categorized as credit losses. Businesses come to realize this when they delve deeper into the instances of credit misuse by fraudsters.

Javier Rodriguez-Paiva argued that commercial fraud rates remain concerningly high, especially in small business lending and credit facilities, which are attractive magnets for criminals and credit abusers. This ongoing situation is worsened by lenders often lacking the specific capabilities to detect and manage fraud.

In response to these challenges, Experian offers solutions aimed at rapid and early detection of different types of fraudulent activity. As Li Mao explained, the goal is to design solutions that allow businesses to identify risk quickly at the time of account opening, using advanced analytics and substantial data sources.

Experian’s solutions aim to ensure businesses can understand the different commercial fraud classifications and treat each case uniquely. By identifying the fraud type, be it first-party, third-party or synthetic ID fraud, appropriate responses can be triggered for each application.

During the webinar, Li Mao introduced Experian’s Multi-Point Verification solution, which verifies application information against trusted sources, allowing businesses to be confident of the identity of the business they are dealing with. This solution incorporates credit, fraud, and identity verification within a single tool.

Javier Rodriguez-Paiva concluded by emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive risk management framework. Lenders could benefit from combining traditional credit scores with fraud-screening tools to provide a 360-degree view of a potential customer’s risks. Such a multi-dimensional analysis can significantly improve fraud detection and prevention.

The webinar highlighted Experian’s commitment to supporting businesses in managing and mitigating prevalent commercial fraud challenges. While identity theft and credit abuse fraud are expected to increase, Experian’s new strategies, enhanced verification tools, and advanced analytics solutions offer a promising shield against fraudulent activities.

Click below to watch this webinar on-demand.

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