CIC Plus is now part of Experian Employer Services

As the world of work is evolving, employers are asking for alternatives to outdated practices and complacent legacy providers, to meet their new challenges.

We brought together the best of the best to deliver a suite of specialized solutions with unmatched service, trusted expertise and client-inspired innovation. We’re focused on the employee experience while improving your bottom line. We’re keeping the focus and flexibility that you value in boutique providers and adding the resources and security of Experian.

Reduce complexity and minimize disruption with Experian Employer Services.

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Year-End Tax Statements

Streamline the year-end payroll process, including ACA Reporting. We can improve the efficiency of your payroll tax process and make balancing, reconciling and delivering your year-end statements nearly effortless for your payroll team.

I-9 Administration

Replace manual procedures with automated Form I-9 verification to increase efficiency, eliminate potential risks, and ensure consistency.

Tax Withholding

Create a compliant and stress-free tax withholding process that removes administrative burdens for payroll managers and improves the employee experience.

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