How AI Can Solve Business Challenges & Boost Revenue w/ Gary Saarenvirta @daisyintel (Episode 107) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Gary Saarenvirta about his academic background, transition into industry, building a business intelligence company, and how he is helping organizations improve profits and solve business problems with artificial intelligence.

About Gary Saarenvirta

Gary Saarenvirta, founder/CEO of Daisy Intelligence, is recognized as one of North America’s preeminent authorities on artificial intelligence. Gary is a passionate evangelist for the application of A.I. and reinforcement learning in strategic merchandising decisions. He’s not afraid to challenge the status quo when it comes to the advantages of deep learning over traditional approaches to data mining and analysis, both in speed and precision.

Global retailers and insurance companies are often drowning in data, yet struggling to gain any practical insight from this ever-growing pool of data — inside of which lies the keys to creating a better customer experience and significantly better financial results.

Using autonomous machine intelligence, Daisy helps global organizations drive revenue and profit growth by transforming massive quantities of consumer data into better and smarter business decisions. Daisy specializes in retail merchandising solutions and insurance fraud detection.

For retailers, Daisy’s AI platform transforms a massive amount of transactional data to do promotional product mix and price mix optimization while taking into account cannibalization, forward-buying, stock outs, and more.

Gary’s 25+ years of experience includes managing the analytics practice at Loyalty Consulting Group, as well as leading IBM’s analytics and data warehousing practice areas. He entered the workforce with an aerospace engineering degree (so yes, he’s even a trained rocket scientist), and today his focus lies in making A.I. an indispensable tool for data-driven businesses.

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