Curiosity, Innovation & Staying Uncomfortable w/ Louise Maynard-Atem @lmatem (Episode 109) #DataTalk

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In this week’s #DataTalk, we chat with Louise Maynard-Atem about her love of data and leading innovative projects at Experian. Louise was recently honored as one of the “Twenty in Data & Technology” by Women in Data UK.

In this chat, we discuss:

  • The challenges of working as an intrapreneur in a complex organization
  • Steps to getting buy-in on innovative projects from key stakeholders
  • Why passion is key for building strong cases for business projects you want to work on
  • Mastering the executive summary when developing your messages for senior leaders
  • Strategies for finding mentors and sponsors to support you
  • Why it’s important to stop comparing yourself to others (and how to combat this negative thinking)
  • Why she has a growth mindset (and puts herself in uncomfortable situations)
  • Importance of mentorship and helping girls pursue careers in STEM
  • Why she initially declined the job offer from Experian (and why she changed her mind)
  • Being honored by the Women in Data UK organization

About Louise Maynard-Atem

Louise Maynard-Atem has been specialising in research and innovation for the past ten years, working across academia and the public and private sectors.

Her career began in multi-disciplinary material science research at the University of Manchester, before shifting focus to evidence-based policy and decision-making across a number of government departments.

Louise moved into the corporate innovation space when she joined BAE Systems, helping to set up their Future Ventures team, which focussed on all aspects of cyber security in the changing modern landscape.

Louise is currently part of the Data Exchange at Experian, where she focusses on developing new propositions and services that allow Experian to take advantage of alternative data and drive financial inclusion and data education for consumers globally.

Louise is also a passionate STEM advocate, and works across a number of charitable organisations to encourage young people from diverse background to pursue higher education and careers in STEM subjects.

Louise is also the co-founder of the Corporate Innovation Forum, which is a community for innovation leaders to share ways they are successfully incorporating innovation into the corporate ecosystem.

Louise earned her PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Manchester and MSci in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham.

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