Liz Weston: How to Deal with Debt [Video]

Watch our interview with national-renowned personal finance journalist and author Liz Weston:

In this interview, Liz Weston shares:

  • One of the Biggest Reasons Why People Fall into Debt
  • Why Debt Isn’t the Enemy
  • How Certain Debts Can Actually Help You Build Wealth
  • What Students and Parents Should Know About Student Loans
  • Why Students Should Avoid Taking Out Private Loans for College
  • How Much You Should Never Borrow for College
  • Why Mortgage Debt Should Be the Last Debt You Pay Off
  • Why Your First Financial Goal is to Save for Retirement
  • What You Should Know about the Power of Compound Interest
  • Credit Advice for Those Interested in Getting a Mortgage
  • How Credit Monitoring Services Can Help When Trying to Improve Your Credit
  • What Types of Debts to Tackle First
  • When You Should Consider Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Why You Need to Eliminate Toxic Debts
  • When You Should Consider Extending the Life of Your Student Loan Debt
  • How Much to Save Before Paying Down Debt
  • Her Favorite Online Tools for Managing Money and Paying Down Debt
  • When She Writes Her Articles and Books
  • What Inspires Her Writing

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 About Liz Weston

Liz Weston is one of the most-read personal finance columnists on the Internet, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. She’s an award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist who can make the most complex money topics understandable to the average reader. Her first book “Your Credit Score” is a national best-seller. Its fourth edition was published in late 2011. The New York Times called her latest book, “The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy,” a “wonderful basic personal finance book.

Throughout, the book’s tone is supportive of people struggling to understand these topics and trying to make ends meet.” Liz’s columns run twice a week on MSN Money while her question-and-answer column “Money Talk” appears in newspapers throughout the country, including the Los Angeles Times, the Palm Beach Post, the Portland Oregonian, Stars & Stripes and others.

Liz is a regular commentator on American Public Media’s “Marketplace Money” and has contributed to NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” and “All Things Considered.” She has appeared on “Dr. Phil,” “Today Show” and NBC Nightly News, and was for several years a weekly commentator on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” She was recently awarded the 2010 Betty Furness Consumer Media Award by the Consumer Federation of America, designed to honor individuals who have made “exceptional progress in American consumerism.”