Time to Move Past the Uncertainty With Digital Decisioning Platforms That Ensure Preparedness for Today and Readiness for Future Growth

Published: December 10, 2020 by Donna DePasquale

Almost a year worth of a global pandemic has galvanized a past of relative stability and predictability, bringing chaos and disruption and signaling a different, certainly unexpected, future. As this future unfolds, it will be the actions that business leaders and their teams take now, amidst the crisis, that will determine the fate of their organization.

Navigating the current complexity and change requires the ability to effectively address the urgent needs of the present, make immediate choices, and allocate resources. The pace is fast, and actions are decisive – in fact, companies have acted 20 to 25 times faster than expected since the coronavirus pandemic started, according to McKinsey[1].

Modern decision automation facilitates technology and business strategic alignment

This search for increased nimbleness and improved strategic alignment has been a recurrent topic in our conversations with clients from around the globe. What we hear is that the pandemic has boosted their search for solutions that create synergies across technology and business groups and allow for an optimal use of their IT investments. As organizations are accelerating and driving their digital transformation, they are pursuing simpler fit-for-purpose solutions to lower their costs, drive internal alignment and operational efficiencies, and help them meet and exceed all-time high customer expectations in less time. Decision automation platforms such as Experian PowerCurve bring all those elements together, taking the complexity out of the customer decision making process.

This crisis has accelerated the need for automated decision management solutions that are secure, can easily scale to meet emerging needs and changes in demand, and be upgraded seamlessly to avoid getting stuck on outdated software and unnecessary long and complex IT infrastructure overhauls. That sheer need for readiness has led to more, accelerated digital transformation. McKinsey Global Survey of Executives[2] shows that companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. Additionally, the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by seven years. These findings suggest that during the crisis, companies have prioritized refocusing their offerings to solve for the needs at hand rather than made huge leaps in product development in the span of a few months.

With 60% of consumers having higher expectations[3] for their digital experience than before Covid-19, businesses big and small are acutely aware they must reshape their customer journeys to come out of this crisis reinforced. That requires the ability to access and manage more data sources, more attributes, more advanced analytics faster, more easily, and through a more consistent customer experience. It ultimately requires a platform that enables decision management in a digital world. In this regard, Forrester Research states in its new report; The Forrester Wave™: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020[4], that “Experian’s PowerCurve really shines at keeping the leaders who are accountable for business results in control of decisioning by providing transparency into the decision logic and insight into actual results.” The capability to ingest and analyze high volumes of owned, third-party, and alternative data combined with seamless and flexible customer consent and protection enables faster, more effective and accurate credit decisioning, resulting in better risk management for the organization and better outcomes from clients.

Technology has been fundamental in helping weather past crises and emerge stronger each time

Of the hundreds of organizations currently using our decisioning software and platforms, some are prioritizing speed, like many community banks stepping up to support consumers going through hardship in a matter of weeks. Others such as Standard Chartered leverage Experian’s credit decisioning technology and machine learning capabilities to drive financial access in underbanked communities. For global financial institutions and leading retail brands, it’s all about regaining control over how and when they deploy the most relevant credit decisions and strategies while leveraging their existing data. They especially appreciate PowerCurve’s business-user-focused tools, which have received industry recognition[5] for the way they enable organizations to design strategies, including decision logic that can leverage machine learning models pretrained on prior customer behaviors. Many found in our cloud-based pre-configured data and decisioning capabilities the best way to solve for their customers’ immediate needs. It’s the case of AU Bank in India, where they leverage our standard, ‘out-of-the-box’ applications to accelerate their own transformation and continue to redefine the banking experience for consumers in the markets they serve. Other clients with sophisticated, decision-driven business processes prefer highly configurable solutions for their business-users to help them address specific needs.

Personally, I feel energized by this challenge and excited about our commitment to helping more businesses find new ways to meet and exceed today’s consumer demands. Through our decisioning platform, organizations can listen to their customers, adapt their business models, adjust their offerings and innovate to drive a strong top line so they are better positioned down the road to recovery. Our decisioning solutions span the entire customer lifecycle and are used by credit and risk managers as well as developers to increase the knowledge about customer and market needs and be ready to solve today’s challenges and take on tomorrow’s opportunities.

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