Tackling the UK’s ‘invisible’ challenge

Published: March 16, 2020 by Editor

Last year we revealed that there were around 5.8 million people in the UK who were virtually invisible to the financial system. These ‘credit invisibles’ might have limited financial data because they just turned 18 and are new to credit, or they may have recently moved to the UK. Alternatively, perhaps they conduct most of their transactions in cash or simply haven’t used credit for a long time.  

Either way, we wanted to spotlight the issue, to explain how we can help people regain control of their financial footprints and ensure more people get access to affordable financial products and services. So, as our support for Credit Awareness Week moves into its fourth year, we decided to check in on our progress.  

The positive news is that we have managed to reduce this financially excluded population by nearly half a million in the last 12 months, to just over 5.3 million – as the map below shows.  

Credit Awareness Week 2020 offers us all the chance to reflect on all the hard work that so many of us have put into tackling financial exclusion. As a result of this work, more people can access the mainstream services they need, and many are paying less than they otherwise would have. Yet there is much more which needs to be done.  

We need to continue to innovate and find new solutions to help widen affordable financial access for all. Promoting a better understanding of the things that people can do to help improve their financial track record. Together we can continue our mission to bring more people into the mainstream financial system and deliver better, more affordable products and services for everyone. 


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