What adverts have you seen today? How data helps make marketing more relevant

May 7, 2019 by Editor

The following is written by Colin Grieves, Managing Director of Targeting, at Experian.

There are many reasons why an advert might catch your attention – maybe it’s because of a celebrity endorsement, clever catchphrase, or a witty one-liner that catches you off guard when you’re waiting for your programme to return after the break.

If there has been an advert that has particularly stuck in your mind, those behind the marketing at organisations will tell you it’s no accident. Experian works with a range of organisations to help them understand which people are likely to be most interested in. So, how can you find out what information marketers use to understand you?

Experian launched the Consumer Information Portal, or CIP for short, back in April 2018 to help people see what data we have access to, but also to give you the chance to let us know if you want to stop your data being used for marketing. The CIP also explains why our work in marketing can be a good thing for consumers and society as a whole.

We’ve recently made improvements to the website to give you an even greater insight. You can now visit our website and promptly check whether your personal data is present on specific marketing channels, what sectors it’s used by, and where we obtained the data from.

For the first time, you can also see with which marketing profile your postcode is associated here. This gives you a real flavour of how marketers may view you and the type of people most likely to live in your neighbourhood, to make sure the messages you receive are as relevant as possible.

We’re planning to keep adding more new features and information to the CIP, as we keep our promise to deliver transparent and responsible marketing. Drawing on expertise across our business to improve your experience when you use the CIP, as well as looking at new, clearer ways to explain how we work with data in our marketing services.

Watch this space for further updates.