Experian Introduces Enterprise Fraud and ID Business in North America

Published: May 4, 2015 by Matt Tatham In United States

At the start of the Vision 2015 Conference, Experian® announced a new dedicated enterprise Fraud and ID business in North America.

This newly established business unit allows Experian, the leading global information services company, to more aggressively address the growing variety of fraud risk and identity management challenges businesses, financial institutions and government agencies face.

“The rapid progression of wide-scale fraud and data breaches have led to a significant increase in identity theft related risk, and potential fraud losses on a larger scale than ever anticipated,” said Charles Chung, president of Decision Analytics, Experian North America. “For nearly two decades, we have been helping clients solve the difficult and ever-changing problems of fraud detection and identity management. Our core expertise was further enhanced by the recent acquisition of 41st Parameter which added device identification as another important layer of sophistication to our suite of fraud detection tools. Now the creation of a new fraud business unit brings all components of our Fraud and ID services together to better serve all markets through our innovative authentication techniques, advanced analytics and Big Data insights.”

Having one comprehensive operation allows Experian to deliver greater value across its various addressable markets through customized approaches that balance privacy, security and compliance requirements with client reputation, customer experience, convenience and efficiency.

The integration brings together a wide set of enterprise services ranging from identity and device risk assessment and anti–money laundering to consumer identity monitoring and alerts, letting Experian continue to proactively meet client needs surrounding the complex risks they face.

Dr. Jon Jones has been appointed to lead the new business unit as senior vice president and general manager of Fraud and ID for Experian North America.

“Data security and fraud management affect many industries as identity data has become so compromised that authenticating consumers through traditional means is not enough to safeguard against fraud. Modern fraud risks now absolutely require Big Data assets and the proven ability to derive predictive analytical capabilities to meet these challenges,” said Jones. “Today, online and mobile commerce, and customer demands for convenience and speed are intersecting with the increasing sophistication of criminal fraud networks. Experian’s new integrated fraud business delivers next-generation holistic fraud management services, leveraging our vast data landscape to identify customers’ risk for fraud even when no threat has been detected to stay ahead of the growing market demands.”

Accounting for the real risk of identity compromise over time continues with the launch of Experian’s Identity Element NetworkSM which identifies real-time fraud volume and velocity linkages across multiple industries to predict when consumers are showing risk of identity compromise. Experian monitors and predicts when seemingly random identity element linkages become meaningful risk clusters, including:

  • When an identity likely has been compromised
  • When an identity is victim of a data breach
  • When a transaction is part of an identity theft scheme, particularly an account takeover
  • When consumers’ identities are exhibiting identity theft, visible by monitoring a broad portfolio of breached or compromised consumers

“Cybercriminals continue to rapidly escalate their assault on sensitive data across a variety of industries, with no end in sight,” said Julie Conroy, research director at Aite Group.  “This requires fraud prevention capabilities to undergo a similar rapid evolution, with a new, more advanced approach to identity management sitting squarely in the middle of risk mitigation. Simple personally identifiable information is no longer enough to verify identity; the next wave of fraud and cybersecurity services needs to employ robust data and advanced analytical capabilities in order to make faster and more informed identity decisions.”

Experian’s Identity Element Network service can be utilized through its flagship fraud enterprise platform, Precise ID®, using its data assets and analytics alongside 41st Parameter’s FraudNet to deliver a comprehensive view of the Customer Life Cycle of traditional identity, device confidence and risk assessment.

Learn more about Experian’s Big Data fraud service for breach identity compromise detection for your business.

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