Experian supports small businesses during National Small Business Week and beyond!

Published: May 12, 2014 by Jordan Takeyama


Did you know that this week is National Small Business Week? It is a time dedicated entirely to acknowledging the positive impact small businesses have on our economy. So let’s take a moment to recognize the contributions that millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners have made to our local communities. Whether it’s creating jobs or providing our favorite products and services at convenient locations, here’s to Small Business – they are truly the backbone of our nation’s economy.

So during National Small Business Week, we at Experian will be participating in several activities that help small businesses understand their credit and make better decisions that will enable them to achieve and maintain success. Below are some of this week’s activities as well as some resources available to small business owners everyday:

Wednesday, May 14
• 12 p.m. eastern – We will present a free webinar with the National Federation of Independent Business, and explore some of the misunderstandings of business credit, provide advice on how to build business credit and explain how a positive credit profile can help your business grow
• 3 p.m. Eastern – We will continue the discussion on business credit, as we host a tweet chat (#CreditChat) with several small business experts. You’ll be able to ask questions and read best practices on how you can make business credit work for you.

• For access to tools and resources to help your business grow, visit www.experian.com/small-business
• To better understand and learn the benefits managing your business credit, visit www.businesscreditfacts.com
• For instant access to business credit report and scores, visit www.smartbusinessreports.com

At Experian, we understand that en route to bringing communities our favorite barbers, ice cream stores, book shops, etc., small businesses owners experience challenges along the way. Whether it’s obtaining the necessary capital to make payroll or order more inventory, these challenges can seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating, especially when trying to manage the day to day operations of the business. This is why Experian helps entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing the right tools, resources and expert advice to help grow their businesses and keep our economy strong!

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