U.S. World Cup fans watch TV “everywhere,” but multitask

Published: June 11, 2014 by Scott Anderson

World Cup fans will be watching the 2014 games across multiple devices, often simultaneously, according to an analysis from Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insight, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing. Specifically, World Cup fans are 31 percent more likely than average to watch online video across multiple devices, with 64 percent of adult fans watching online video during a typical week, compared with 49 percent of all adults. This is according to Experian Marketing Services’ National Consumer Survey, a nationally representative, continuously fielded survey of approximately 25,000 U.S. adults, including both English and Spanish speakers.

Experian Marketing Services also found that World Cup fans are:
• 60 percent more likely to use their phone to keep up with sports
• 65 percent more likely to stream video from a work computer
• 20 percent more likely to multitask while watching TV
• 37 percent more likely to use a digital tablet
• 60 percent more likely to use sports apps on their phone during a typical week

“Adult fans of the World Cup don’t need a TV to watch video,” said Bill Tancer, general manager, global research at Experian Marketing Services. “This is a digitally and technologically savvy audience that doesn’t care how they watch their favorite programs, just as long as they are able to watch them. Expect to see the 2014 World Cup broadcasted everywhere the fans are this year, whether that’s at their desk computer or during their morning commute.”

According to Tancer, because World Cup fans are such heavy users of digital media while they watch TV, Experian Marketing Services will be analyzing key online and search trends throughout the 2014 games. The Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 World Cup Online Trends Dashboard will be updated every Monday from June 9 to July 13, 2014. The dashboard will reveal the most popular daily searches from World Cup fans, including top players, search terms driving traffic to FIFA.com and the most popular Websites for soccer updates. So far, data has shown that ESPN Soccernet.com is the leading Website for soccer updates and Cristiano Ronaldo is exponentially the most searched individual player.

Experian Marketing Services’ live 2014 World Cup Online Trends Dashboard can be viewed here: http://ex.pn/1hBc46F

“The World Cup is a unique event for viewers but also for marketers because it attracts a fully engaged, globally diverse audience that loves to shop and engage with brands for an entire month,” said Tancer. “Our analysis reveals that World Cup fans are 29 percent more likely to have a strong connection with branded goods and services placed in the context of TV shows. It’s not just that they are aware of and engaged with branded products; they also are more likely to buy those products. Interestingly, we found the opposite in our analysis of Olympics viewers.”

What do these viewers like to buy? World Cup fans are frequent shoppers overall, but they have an affinity for upscale stores like Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom and Saks. They also shop at athletic stores like REI, Foot Locker, Modell’s and Nike and electronics stores like Apple.

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