Infographic: The State of Patient Access 2024

Published: June 10, 2024 by Experian Health

The State of Patient Access 2024 marks the fourth installment of a series of surveys initiated in 2020, comparing patient experiences and providers’ perceptions of those experiences. Experian Health’s latest infographic highlights findings from the latest survey, conducted in February 2024, involving 200 healthcare revenue cycle decision-makers and over 1,000 patients.

The study reveals an overall improvement in perceptions of access to care, indicating a positive trend in providers’ efforts. However, there are still significant challenges ahead. Providers continue to believe access is better than what patients actually experience, a consistent finding across surveys.

Check out the highlights in the infographic:


Despite progress, there’s a clear need to bridge the gap between patient experience and provider perception. How can providers turn their perceptions into reality for patients?

Download The State of Patient Access 2024 report to gain deeper insights into patients’ and providers’ perspectives on access to healthcare.

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