Better Insight Yields Better, Faster Claims Payments

Published: November 5, 2014 by Merideth Wilson

It’s only natural to want to be fairly, fully and quickly reimbursed for services – it’s the basic foundation of business. Yet only in healthcare does attaining this basic transactional norm become challenging. Healthcare providers must be vigilant at all stages in the revenue cycle to ensure the amount they receive is timely and accurate.

Achieving this deceptively simple goal is dependent upon insight – the ability to discern the true nature of a situation and to respond appropriately. Applying insight at critical points in the claims lifecycle can make a marked difference in reducing denials and accelerating payment. 

The foundation of a successful claims management strategy begins with contract management, where advanced analytics and data-driven insight can help you quickly and easily pinpoint payment variances and validate reimbursement accuracy for each of your third-party payers. Ensuring compliance with contract terms allows you to identify recurring issues so they can be promptly addressed, while providing the ability to strategically evaluate overall contract performance.

Once you achieve visibility of the contract process, you can apply those findings to other areas, such as claim scrubbing. Boosting the first-time pass through rate eliminates costly, time-consuming rework and speeds reimbursement. A strong claims scrubbing approach involves taking time, prior to submission to the appropriate payer or clearinghouse, to ensure the claim is complete, accurate and meets individual payer requirements.

Once the claim is submitted, it’s not a matter of “out of sight, out of mind.” Tracking claim status early in the adjudication process – rather than waiting for a denial to appear on your desk – helps improve cash flow and maintain a healthy revenue cycle. An online payer portal provides instant insight into the status of each claim and gives you the ability to determine if a claim is lost, denied, pending or being returned.

Regardless of how well you scrub claims before submission, it’s likely that a certain percentage will be denied. You can optimize and accelerate payments by quickly and efficiently identifying denied claims for analysis and re-submission. Use technology to ensure denied claims aren’t overlooked and streamline the workflow associated with claims management.

Finally, taking a comprehensive look at all pending claims and denials allows you to prioritize claims and denials so that your staff can work the highest impact accounts first to improve efficiency and increase revenues. 

Advanced technology that provides insight into contracts, payer requirements, claims status and denials holds the key to reducing the claims processing errors that add an estimated $1.5 billion in unnecessary administrative costs to the nation’s health system. Few healthcare organizations can afford to receive less than their fair reimbursement for the care they provide. By implementing a strategic approach that grants insight into each component of the process, healthcare organizations can bolster the bottom line and streamline efficiencies along the way.

To learn more about how to turn these strategies into tangible results, register for our Dec. 3 Webinar, “5 Ways to Accelerate Your Claims Payments.”

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