#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Jason Wallis at #HIMSS17

May 10, 2017 by Experian Health

Jason-Wallis-JTC-Post-768x768During HIMSS17 in Orlando, Jason Wallis, Senior Vice President, Patient Access at Experian Health, sat down with IntrepidNOW to talk patient access and how Experian Health’s solutions help providers across the revenue cycle. Excerpt below:

“We have the eCare NEXT platform that drives a lot of our integration and patient access products. So anywhere from orders, all the way back to collecting payment from the patients, so right identity, checking eligibility, authorizations, medical necessity, patient estimates and then a tool to collect payment from that patient for those estimates.

…we’ve really taken this eligibility rail that has been pretty standard in the industry, and we’ve added a lot of content and innovation on top of those rails. So I almost call our clearing house a content network. So we drive more value in that transaction by normalizing, cleaning the data and enriching it with other data assets, so that downstream our clients and our products are better because of that advanced content.

…our integrated platform takes this data and be able to start chaining products together, and deliver back to the provider an exception based workflow that really has their staff only looking and working when something’s gone wrong. And the more we can automate around products and even products chaining off of other products, so eligibility to notice of admission, we are able to remove some of those manual single point solutions because it’s integrated in a single workflow.”

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