A curated list of stories by women thought leaders in decision analytics

March 8, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve curated a list of our top stories from over the past year authored by women leading change in the data, analytics, and technology industry.

Right offer, right time: What organizations really need from digital decisioning software

By Donna DePasquale, executive vice president, Global Decisioning Software

The true potential of digital decisioning brings to mind the intrinsic reward of talking with someone that really gets you. It’s that “aha” moment when they say just what you needed to hear or offer the help you wanted—without you having to ask.

The rise of digital decisioning software enables organizations to scale a similar level of personalization, offering customers what they need at the exact right time. And organizations that do it well dramatically improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and revenue in the process.

But realizing this promise takes the right tools. The most effective decisioning platforms include a powerful combination of data, analytics, and technology. Equally important, the software must allow non-technical users to update and change strategies to better meet customer and organization needs without burdening IT.  …Read more

Consumer demand for digital will persist and the customer journey will be redefined

By Stacy Schulman, senior director of marketing, Global Decision Analytics

With the turn of a new year, there’s positive news that a vaccine is making its way to local communities. As businesses set their goals and strategic agendas, a top question comes to mind: what consumer trends are here to stay post-pandemic. While it’s difficult to predict the future, we believe many of the digital behaviors and expectations observed in the past year will persist, calling upon businesses to do more with their data, analytics, and technology to bridge online and offline customer experiences.

For over the past year of the pandemic, we’ve conducted a study that looks at the impact of Covid-19 on consumer digital banking and shopping behaviors and businesses’ strategies and priorities to support their customers. …Read more

Insights into Action podcast: Present and future of digital identity with Nick Maynard and David Britton

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodrigues, podcast host and marketing manager, Global Decision Analytics

The concept of digital identity and the ways it can be applied has been discussed for many years. While this has traditionally been more of a philosophical discussion, this notion has beginning to shape over the past twelve months, making waves across markets and driving, making many in the industry wonder what has changed to prompt that shift.

In a recent episode of the Insights in Action series, Nick Maynard from Juniper Research and David Britton from Experian Decision Analytics explored the pandemic’s transformative effect on the prospects of digital identity. Over the past year, reliance on e-commerce has increased significantly increased globally, boosted by new consumer and business needs and efforts to observe social distancing and cope with the side-effects of lockdowns. …Have a listen

Has my data lake turned into a data swamp?

By Andrea Nighswander, senior manager of solution strategy, Global Identity & Fraud

In many respects, the explosion in the type and volume of customer data businesses gather to facilitate security, ensure a convenient, user-friendly approach to customer interactions, and personalize interactions is a double-edged sword. In an era when businesses are awash in data, customers’ expectations regarding its use continue to grow. Nonetheless, when it comes time to recognize a consumer by utilizing the data, there is a disconnect between how confident businesses are in their ability to recognize the consumer and the consumer’s confidence in businesses’ ability to do the same. According to our global research, 95% of businesses say they can recognize their customers yet 45% of consumers don’t feel recognized. …Read more

Biometrics as the catalyst for trust in a socially distanced world

By Gena Boutin, vice president platform go-to-market success, Global Identity & Fraud

According to our global research, 81% of consumers view physical biometrics as the more secure form of identity verification Conversely, as user IDs and passwords become more exposed to fraudsters, various organizations across industries are using biometrics to develop next-generation identification controls that combat fraud, make transactions more secure, and create trusted enhanced customer experiences.

Driving adoption is certainly key to effect change. The good news is that biometric authentication is already part of our daily lives. Facial recognition to unlock mobile devices and fingerprint scanners to facilitate purchases are only a couple of examples of how engrained biometrics already are in our daily lives.  …Read more

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