Fall 2022 Beyond the Trends Report

October 3, 2022 by Gary Stockton

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Fall 2022 Beyond the Trends report.

The Sales are coming!!

Small businesses have been building inventory over the last year driven by fears that the global supply chain could break down at any moment. This anxiety created an environment of pre-ordering behavior intended to elevate the worry felt during the height of the pandemic that their business would fail not due to a lack of shoppers, but an empty shelf. Global economic environments change quickly, and our world is seeing heightened inflation. This increase in the price of goods and services is leading to softened consumer demand. Will holiday sales keep small business afloat before consumer behavior changes.

Tough challenges for newer businesses and lenders

Forty percent of small business have been operating for less than 1 year. These new businesses will be challenged by a tightening credit market, rising costs, and softening consumer demand. Commercial lenders are originating 13% less high risk subprime accounts since the 2021 even as through the door high risk inquiries have increased by 59%. Average credit lines on new commercial originations dropped 3% since the beginning of the pandemic as lenders look for growth while limiting exposure. In Q22022 those lines rose 1.4% as 40% less small businesses were accessing commercial credit.

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