Beyond Credit Risk – Understanding Alternative Data

June 11, 2020 by Gary Stockton

When insurance underwriters make mistakes, bad policies can cost billions. Alternative forms of data is helping change those outcomes, particularly for insurance providers in helping them identify blind spots and accurately underwrite policies.

Watch our special Insurance-focused webinar titled “Beyond Credit Risk – Understanding Alternative Data” with HazardHub. Heath Foley and Carl Stronach from Experian is joined by Bob Frady from HazardHub during this lively discussion.

Alternative sources of data are growing in importance in the market. The key to our data platform is constantly investing and sourcing a wider variety of data such as geographic hazards, social media, and OSHA data in order to represent a fuller picture of the health of the business.  In this one hour talk, we walk through:

  • Utilizing property-level hazard risk assessments
  • The growing importance of alternative sources of data
  • How to bring superior data to power comprehensive insights
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