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Who's the Victim: Cracking the Credit Score Case

Paying the Rent on Time Can Enhance Your Credit Report

Screen Test: Major Credit Bureaus Sharpen Tenant Screening

Building Credit through Rent Reporting

Zeroing in on Credit History

Rental Payment History Can Mitigate Risk, Increase NOI

WilliamPaid Survey Reveals that Apartment Renters Want Utility and Rent Payments Included in Credit Reports

Top Seven Reasons to Use Rental Payment History Data to Identify High Quality Residents

Here's an Unexpected Way to Build Credit One Month at a Time

The young and the creditless: Young adults eschew credit cards

Rent History Emerging as Key Data

Succeeding With Rental Payment History Data

For 'Credit Invisibles,' A Market Takes Shape

Big Data, Big Ideas: The industry has been slow to adopt predictive analytics and data mining, but the possibilities for their uses are endless.

Pay your rent on time? It may improve your credit score

Paying Rent Through Direct Deposit

Caught in the Act: For years, glacial reporting times kept serial skippers one step ahead of apartment operators. Now, with better technology emerging, the chase may finally be over.

Smart and Safe: Resident screening tools protect apartment companies from unnecessary risk.

Importance of Rental Payment History

Cross Check: Bag the credit scores. Now, there’s a more holistic way to screen rental applicants.

Counting on Collections

Durbin Does Debit: Dodd Frank Amendment Saves Multifamily Some Dough

Full Body Scan: Rather than focusing on a prospect’s credit score, screening professionals stress a more hands-on and holistic approach to approving rental applicants.

Apartment Credit Screeners Improving Rental History Data Sets

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