Audience IQ for Political Advertising

Power your political advertising using data-driven Display & TV

The Data-Driven Political Ad Campaign

Promoting an important cause, campaign or candidate? Start by engaging those who matter most to your campaign with Experian Audience IQ. This scalable marketing platform harnesses the power of Experian data, enabling you to transcend party affiliation and:

  • Encourage advocacy
  • Increase donations
  • Influence voting behavior
Thought Starters: View a Cross-Section of America

Discover what’s possible in audience targeting for politics. The map of the U.S.A. features political, psychographic, and lifestyle attributes of communities across America.

Kick-Start Your Display and TV Campaign Now

Our full-service ad platform allows you to:

  • Use external political lists for outreach
  • Tailor your message by geography or voting districts
  • Execute quick-to-market campaigns within weeks

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