Data Digest - December 2012

Data Digest is a monthly Experian Marketing Services newsletter serving data-driven marketers. Each quarter we will feature columns on topics such as data quality, life style trends, new product introductions, consumer data sets, data compliance and privacy issues, and more. Check out our page each month for fresh insights on important marketing challenges.

This month’s features include:

Data Digest – December 2012

Targeted Digital Ad CampaignsTop Story:   Targeted Digital Ad Campaigns

The headlines are buzzing with digital advertising spend projections for 2013.   Experian Marketing Services’ Chris Beirne shares great tips on effective targeting practices for display advertising.

Innovation Spotlight: Email Insights

Email Insights is a new retention-based email cooperative that helps marketers gain insights and intelligence into their email subscribers behaviors and activities.

New American Consumer: Digital Dependents

This month's featured Mosaic segment is Digital Dependents. Check out the Mosaic Interactive Guide to learn more about Digital Dependents and all 71 of Mosaic's recently refreshed consumer segments. Visit the new Mosaic website to learn more about how marketers are effectively targeting the New American consumer using the industry’s most up-to-date and accurate segmentation system. 

Link to Mosaic Interactive Guide

Insights in Action: Understand and Engage Today’s Moms

Insights in Action: Understand and Engage Today’s Moms

Did you know that there are more than 34 million moms in the United States?  Moms have a significant influence on purchase decisions; so it’s critical to understand how to reach them. Download our white paper entitled Understanding and engaging today’s moms. This paper provides a clear look at six different mom segments to help you understand how to engage this key audience.


New Webinar on Mosaic® USA basics

Get actionable insights and build marketing strategies that build customer loyalty.  View our new webinar on Mosaic® USA use cases and applications and learn how marketers are using this comprehensive segmentation tool to drive better marketing results.

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