Authenticate consumers, verify their device

Precise ID with FraudNet identifies fraud, authenticates users and validates their devices all in a single platform. Gain confidence in your decisioning, gain more customers, reduce risk and remain compliant.

Identity authentication

With a complete and accurate view of your consumer's identity, you can make the right decisions as you originate new customers.

Authentication advantages include:         

  • A risk-based approach that includes credit data, noncredit data, scores and analytics
  • Optional knowledge-based authentication supporting expanded investigations
  • Custom and configurable rules to support your credit, fraud and compliance policies
  • Proven analytics and scoring expertise

Device intelligence

Recognize known returning customers, authenticate new legitimate customers and flag fraudulent threats by identifying suspicious and inconsistent device characteristics.

Device intelligence enables you to:

  • Determine the validity of the transaction through available data
  • Gain superior levels of granularity when distinguishing between the billions of devices that initiate online interactions
  • Improve customer experiences by avoiding unnecessary challenges to valid login attempts by legitimate customers using previously used devices

Link analysis tool

Assess the authenticity of a single transaction or group of transactions.

Link analysis technology helps you to:

  • Link seemingly unrelated transactions
  • Find common customer information and billing data, including name, multiple phones, multiple addresses and multiple email addresses
  • Identify all transactions from the same device, even if no other information is the same
  • Recognize common devices

Risk analyzer

Build an acceptable risk tolerance without negatively impacting profits by uses a highly customizable rule engine that configures to your company’s risk-appetite, and manages cross-channel risk in your portfolio appropriately.

Risk-analysis configurability includes:

  • Strategy-driven risk models
  • Adjustable scores and thresholds
  • Channel or business unit specificity

Investigator workbench

Simplify audit trails to be less time consuming and resource intense, by incorporating all detection tools and full audit trails into a single workbench.

Workbench benefits include:

  • Easy reporting and increased operational efficiencies
  • Decreased investigator training times
  • Reduced volume of manually reviewed transactions
  • Flexibility, scalability and customizability
  • Identified interlinked activities

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Precise ID with FraudNet:

  • Identify fraud
  • Reduce false positives
  • Reduce manual reviews
  • Free up internal resources
  • More business

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